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As the administration cracks down on those who burn hay, satellites will be monitored

Surveillance of burning of straw and agricultural waste in Kushinagar in Uttar Pradesh has now started from the satellite and strict action has been taken by the district administration against those who burn it. Chief Development Officer Annapurna Garg said a sheaf of paddy was ready in Kushinagar as per the instructions given by the district magistrate, whose harvesting and harvesting work polluted the environment after most farmers burned straw on the land. Happening. He said that the burning of straw from the satellite is being monitored.

He said the village head, gram panchayat, secretary, clerk, kisan sahay, cleaners, Asha / Agnabari gram panchayats who have instructed the villagers to discuss the damage and pollution caused by burning straw. In this case, a meeting is being held in every gram panchayat today and the above issues are being widely publicized through videos and auditions.

The chief development officer said fines and a case would be filed against those who burned the straw. He said a fine of Rs 1,500 on two acres, Rs 2,500 on 0.0 to 50 acres and Rs 15,000 on paddy on more than five acres.

He said that farmers do not burn straw, it is being monitored from satellite and action will be taken against farmers who come under satellite. He said that the village head / secretary / accountant himself should send it to the bovine shelter in a regular manner and save it if there is excess of straw. In this case, a control room has been set up at the district level in Bikash Bhaban.


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