A young woman, reluctant to go with her boyfriend, mother picked up a gold coil from her daughter’s ear in Kotwali


He was arrested on a charge of seducing a young man. Three days later the woman left with her lover. The relatives handed the girl over to the young man without getting married. But before that the mother took her daughter’s gold coil in Kotwali. A young man from a village in Kotwali area had an affair with a girl next door.

Even after the marriage was settled, the two began to meet in different places. On Sunday the young man goes with the girl. In the evening, the family members reached the house with the policeman and complained to the young man. Police have taken the youth into custody. Discussions between the two sides on the allegations and compromise continued for two days. When the young man was not ready for marriage, his family members threatened to send him to prison. The family filed a complaint against the young man at the police station.

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Her family was shocked when the girl asked to go with the young man during the interrogation. Even after explaining, the girl insisted on going with the young man. The family had to bow to the woman’s insistence. To the police woman, her mother untied the gold coil worn on the girl’s ear and handed it to the young man. The young man’s family then took the two of them from Kotwali to their home.

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The girl is an adult. During the interrogation, he asked her to go with the young man. He was sent with the young man as he wished. Both sides have reached an agreement.
SK Singh, Inspector in Charge, Kotwali.

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