Love … I left my country to talk about love, girlfriend, again after 30 years … I heard such a unique story of love …

Love … I left my country to talk about love, girlfriend, again after 30 years … I heard such a unique story of love …

Ishq Wala Prem: A woman went to her country Australia to call the watchman of Jaisalmer saying I love you. Today is the 30th anniversary of their love. But love has brought the two together again. … heard such a unique love story …

Unique love story: First love must sleep in some corner of the heart but it does not die. It is not easy to forget love at first. Over time he may lose responsibility, but if he gets some feeling then those memories and those things again give the human being first happiness, first that feeling of love and then he gets happy after getting that love again. You must have read stories like this in books or seen in movies that year after year the broken love should be together again. However, this story has come true in the secluded village of Jaisalmer’s Kuldhara. Learn this unique story of love with love. Read more – Mami Bhanja Love Story: Hasin Mami, younger nephew, eyes wide open, both are fugitives

The story is not the reality of an 82-year-old guard who has regained his 30-year-old love and is no longer happy. The story is not a movie, it is a reality. Marina, an Australian woman who came to see Jesalmer in the S0s, left home after calling only one guard ‘I love you’, and now, almost 50 years later, she has written a letter expressing her desire to meet the guard. Read more – Dad was in a situation with his girlfriend after seeing the blood of a 19-year-old boy, then …

“I was in my 30’s when I first met Marina – she came all the way from Australia to Jaisalmer on a desert safari. This is. Read more – Husband tied her to a chair, showed her the video, had a ‘relationship’, then killed her … 5th wife severely punished the man

Posted by Humans of Bombay on Wednesday, 31 March 2021

Interestingly, Marina has not been married to date and the age of the two lovers is also surprising. The guard told his full story on the ‘Bomb’s Humans’ Facebook page. “I was 30 when I first met Marina,” he says. He came to Jaisalmer from his country for a desert safari. On the five-day trip I taught him the camel ride and then we gave each other hearts. Although I do not understand his full language, the subject of the heart has touched the heart.

According to the guard, before returning, Marina told me – I love you, which I was ashamed to hear, but could not express my feelings. But Marina probably understood everything. I borrowed 30,000 rupees and went to Melbourne to meet Marina. But she wanted me to marry her and settle down, which was not acceptable to me. At this point the relationship ended and I came back to India and got married.

Years passed with this issue. There was no further conversation between the two. However, a month ago, the guard received a letter from Mariner, so he had no place for happiness. “I was thrilled to read Mariner’s letter,” he said. I can’t believe he missed me and year after year he wants to meet me. I swear to Ramji, I feel like I’ve turned 21 again. Please say that the watchman has two married sons. However, his wife died many years ago.


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