Mumbai: 222 remedial injections seized in Mumbai, two arrested for black marketing

Mumbai: 222 remedial injections seized in Mumbai, two arrested for black marketing

With the increase in Kovid-19 cases in Maharashtra, the demand for injections of RemedicV has increased, which has led to an increase in the black marketing of injections.

Mumbai, Mumbai Police, Remedivir, Mumbai, Covid-19, Coronavirus, News: The great crisis of the coronavirus (coronavirus) infection epidemic is in its final stages and thus the black market for remedial injections used to treat Covid 19 has increased. The Crime Branch of Mumbai Police in Mumbai raided and seized 222 injections of remedicivir from a net. Shop and two arrested Due to the sharp escalation of the case, the daily remedy in Maharashtra may require 1.5 lakh injections, for which production will have to be increased. Read more – Coronavirus case in India: Second wave of corona crashes, more than 1.31 million people infected for first time in 24 hours

A Mumbai official said the crime branch had received information that a man was trying to sell anti-infective drugs illegally, after which he was caught in a trap. The Crime Branch of Mumbai Police raided a shop in Andheri and seized injections of 2,272 remedies. Read more – Kovid-19: Disasters in many states, but not a single death in 12 Union Territories

As the number of Kovid-19 cases in Maharashtra has increased, so has the demand for injections for remedies. Read more – Vaccine Deficit: 26 Vaccination Centers Closed in Mumbai, Check List Before Applying for Immunizations

This is the state of corona infection in Mumbai

There have been 8,938 new cases of COVID19 in Mumbai. 4,503 were evacuated and 23 died.
Total cases: 4,91,698
Total discharge: 3,92,514
Total deaths: 11,874
Active cases: 86,279

There were 56,266 new cases in Maharashtra yesterday

There were 56,286 new cases of COVID19 in Maharashtra on Thursday. 36,130 were evacuated and 376 died.
Total cases: 32,29,547
Active cases: 5,21,317
Total discharge: 26,49,757
Total deaths: 57,028

Covid-19 drug should not cost more than Rs 1400: Remedy Top

The Maharashtra government has decided to provide remedies at Rs 1,100 to Rs 1,400 per treatment. State Health Minister Rajesh Top has announced a maximum reduction in the cost of remedial injections. He said that the cost of injection of RemedicV should not be more than Rs 1400. Tope said that due to the significant increase in the number of Covid-19s, the state may need 1.5 million injections of Remedisvir per day to increase production. This drug is used to treat severe patients with coronavirus.

Remedies should be available in the state for between Rs 1,100 to Rs 1,400

Bait said the drug should be available in the state at Rs 1,100 to Rs 1,400. He also warned vendors of hoarding remedies to take action and told doctors to use the injection in a logical way. He said the makers of Remedisb should deliver it directly to government hospitals. The goods sent to the district magistrates will be sent to private hospitals, as such measures will curb the black market. He also said that a flying squad would be formed in each district to prevent the sale of remedicine injections at higher prices. He said that currently 50,000 vials have been supplied and will be used in the hospital every day.


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