Maharashtra Lockdown: Signs of deterioration again, expatriate workers return home in large numbers; It is also very difficult to get tickets on trains

Maharashtra Lockdown: Signs of deterioration again, expatriate workers return home in large numbers;  It is also very difficult to get tickets on trains

At the end of the lockdown in Maharashtra, the situation is starting to look like before. Lots of migrant workers at the train station are forced to sleep there overnight to get tickets.

Maharashtra Lockdown: The state government has banned non-essential services due to more cases of corona virus infection in Maharashtra. These restrictions will remain in effect until April 30 to control Covid-19 in the state. The government’s decision has once again frightened migrant workers. According to the English newspaper Indian Express, migrant workers are returning to their homes. The report said that the expatriate workers of Lokmanya Tilak Terminus in Mumbai (Lokmanya Tilak Terminus) And Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus) However, a large number of people were present at the train reservation counter. Read more – Kavid-19: Madhya Pradesh shuts down bus services with Chhattisgarh amid growing corona cases

An LTT employee here said that a large number of people had inquired about the train. Most people are U.P. (UP) And Bihar (Bihar) Took information about the train. I advised them to take reserved tickets. A similar newspaper spoke to Niaz Ahmed, 30, of Lucknow, standing in the LTT line on Tuesday afternoon. Read more – Delhi: Corona is now on the rise for young, children and pregnant women, says LNJP MD – previously there were more than 600 patients

They said- I sell lemon juice on Mohammad Ali Road. I have been in Mumbai for the last 15 years. He has a wife and a child at home. I became homeless and forced to stay on the streets. Now there is no way to earn. If I go home there will be no job but you will get food twice a day. I will starve to death here. He (probably a railway employee) said there were no tickets. Will travel by train without a ticket. If caught on the way, I will pay a fine. Read more – COVID19: Maharashtra Health Minister’s big statement – We suspect new strains, reduce vaccine supply

Like Niaz Ahmed, Suraj Yadav (22) and Krishna Kumar Namdev (33) are residents of Satna in Madhya Pradesh. Both of them reached the reservation counter to get tickets. If tickets are not available, both have decided to sleep on the platform. “I work in a small hotel in Nerul,” Yadav told the newspaper. The owner said that we could not pay but agreed to the food arrangement. Sir, what can we do now? We can’t wait, we have to go. I don’t find that if I come back to the village I will get a job, but I have to do something.

Similarly, the team of caterers in Bihar seemed quite disappointed as the ticket counter at CSMT was closed on Tuesday night. They also have to spend the night on the platform until the counter opens the next day. Rajesh Kumar Das, 36, said: “We work in hotels, we also work in catering services at CSMT. The owner has asked 60 people to return home. What do we do now? We can’t afford to stay here. I will try to return home in a normal carriage.


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