COVID19 in Mumbai: State Expedition crashes in Mumbai, 10,426 COVID19 deaths in 24 hours, see image

COVID19 in Mumbai: State Expedition crashes in Mumbai, 10,426 COVID19 deaths in 24 hours, see image

The total number of active patients of Kovid 19 in Mumbai has risen to 61,7886, and 11,751 patients have died so far.

Mumbai, COVID-19 case, COVID-19, coronavirus, News, Maharashtra, The second wave of coronavirus infections is in the capital of Maharashtra, Mumbai (Mumbai), known as the industrial capital of the country, according to the latest data from Mumbai on Wednesday evening. Patient deaths have been recorded. Read more – Mumbai corona vaccine shortage: Mumbai mayor claims – corona vaccines will run out, center to provide soon

The total number of active patients in Mumbai’s Kovid 19 has risen to 61,76, with a total of 3,7,011 cured patients and 11,71 patients have died so far. Read more – Covid vaccine will be allowed in the workplace: You can also get the vaccine in your office from this day, but the age limit has not been changed

Current status of corona infection in Mumbai: 721 April 2021
Total cases: 4,82,760
Total recovery: 3,88,011
Mortality rate: 11,851
Active cases: 81,886 Read more – Maharashtra Lockdown: Signs of Deterioration Again, Migrant Workers Returned in Large Numbers; It is also very difficult to get tickets on trains

Explain that there is a war of words between the ruling Shiv Sena leaders in the state and the Union ministers over the supply of corona vaccine in the state. Mumbai city mayor Kishori Pednekar on Wednesday claimed that there was a shortage of 19 anti-covid vaccines in the city and demanded that the supply to the center be increased immediately.

At the same time, Union Minister Prakash Javadekar said the Maharashtra government should not politicize the vaccine. The amount of CVVID 19 vaccine received so far in Maharashtra is 1,06,19,190, of which 90,53,523 doses have been used.

The mayor said only 1.76 lakh doses of Mumbai’s Covishield

Mayor Kishori Pednekar said that Covishield, the main drug in the vaccination campaign in Mumbai, had only 1.7676 lakh doses till Tuesday afternoon. He said that now their number would be further reduced. He said that the Covid-19 vaccine is currently being administered in 106 medical centers in the city and about 2,000 vaccines are being available daily in some places like big health centers.

Health Minister Rajesh Top has only 1.4 million doses in the state, which will be completed in just three days.

The mayor of Mumbai said that Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray, Health Minister Rajesh Top and opposition leaders should make a concerted effort to get adequate vaccine doses in the city and other parts of the state. On the first day before the mayor, Topp said that many vaccination centers in Maharashtra were being closed due to shortage of coronavirus vaccine and there were currently only 1.4 million doses in the state which would be completed in just three days.

There have been more than 1.15 lakh cases of Kovid-19 in the country so far, 630 people have died.

More than 1.15 million new cases of coronavirus infection have been reported in the country in the last 24 hours, the highest daily incidence since the onset of the global epidemic. The total number of victims in India on Wednesday rose to 1,28,01,785. The Union Health Ministry said on Wednesday that this was the second such incident in three days, when more than one lakh cases of Korana virus infection were reported in a single day. According to the ministry’s updated data at 8 am on Wednesday, 1,173,736 cases were found in the last 24 hours and the death toll rose to 1,166,177 with the deaths of another 3,030 patients.

For the 28th consecutive day in the country, the number of active patients has risen to 8,43,473

The number of under-treated patients also increased to 8,43,4733, which is .5.59 per cent of the total infections in the country as the number of infections increased on the 28th day. At the same time, the recovery rate of the people has come down to 92.11 percent.

On 12 February, the number of active patients in the country was the lowest

The number of patients treated the least in the country was 12 February. The number in the country as of February 12 was 1,35,926, which was 1.25 percent of the total cases of infection. According to the data, 1,1,92,135 people have been cured of the infection so far, reducing the death rate to 1.30 percent.

Maharashtra has the highest number of deaths in 24 hours

Another 630 people have died due to the infection in the country. Of these, 297 died in Maharashtra, 611 in Punjab, 533 in Chhattisgarh, 39 in Karnataka, 39 in Uttar Pradesh, 18 in Madhya Pradesh, 17 in Delhi and Gujarat, 15 in Tamil Nadu, 14 in Kerala and 13 in Rajasthan.

Maharashtra has the highest number of deaths in the country

A total of 1,66,177 deaths were caused by the infection. Of these, 56,330 died in Maharashtra, 12,804 in Tamil Nadu, 12,696 in Karnataka, 11,113 in Delhi, 10,355 in West Bengal, 8,924 in Uttar Pradesh, 7,251 in Andhra Pradesh and 7,216 in Punjab. The health ministry says more than 70 percent of those who have died so far have other diseases.

The number of such patients has increased in India last year

In August-August last year, the number of infected people in the country was 2 million, on August 23 it was 3 million and on 5 September it was more than 4 million. The total number of cases of September 1 infection was 50 lakh, 26 September 6 million, 11 October 7 million, 29 October 6 million, 20 November minimum million and 19 December these cases exceeded one crore.


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