Corona Virus Lockdown: Lockdown in these cities including Mumbai, Bhopal saw pictures of grandfather from today …

Corona Virus Lockdown: Lockdown in these cities including Mumbai, Bhopal saw pictures of grandfather from today …

Corona virus lockdown: In the growing case of coronas where Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab are being used harshly, several cities including Bhopal, Nagpur, Pune and lockdown have been suppressed from today, then, grandfather’s pictures are frightening …

Coronavirus lockdown: Although there is no complete lockdown in the country right now, weekend lockdown is starting in many cities of the country including Mumbai, Raipur and Bhopal. In many cities, the practice of imposing night curfews has been in place since March, but now governments are being forced to take some more drastic measures to curb corona. But this morning, the pictures of my grandfather in Mumbai surprised me. Seeing the crowd of people in Dada’s vegetable market, it does not seem that there is any fear of corona among the people. Read more – Don’t take the whole lockdown, why did Prime Minister Modi say – Night curfew, say corona curfew ..

Weekend lockdown in entire Maharashtra including Mumbai, Pune and Nagpur from today

Starting today, lockdown is starting in all cities and districts of Maharashtra including Mumbai, Pune and Nagpur, which will be from 8 pm to 7 am. At this time, the whole of Maharashtra will be under weekend lockdown and night curfew. Let us know if this is the first weekend that will be completely locked down. No one will be allowed to travel during this period without the necessary services. The Mumbai administration has also issued separate guidelines for this. Read more – Noida, Ghaziabad Night Curfew: Noida and Ghaziabad also have night curfew, this time; Who will get permission, where there will be prohibition

Raipur also has a 10-day ban

Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh, has been declared a containment zone and its borders will be sealed on April 19 from 9 am to 1 pm. Only essential services will be discounted within these ten days. Students taking the test will be exempted from this restriction. During this period, all kinds of offices will be closed by the government, while there is a nine-day lockdown in Chhattisgarh’s Durg district, which has continued from April to April.

Weekend lockdown in Madhya Pradesh

All cities in Madhya Pradesh will have lockdown on weekends from today to Friday. Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan said the lockout would continue in all cities of the state from 6pm on Friday to 6am on Monday. Apart from this some more austerity may be applied in the future.

More than 600 people have died in 1.31 lakh cases in 24 hours

For the third day in a row, more than one lakh cases of new corona have been registered in the country. On Thursday night, 1,31 new cases of corona were found in 24 hours, the highest number since the onset of the epidemic. On Wednesday, Corona had a new record of 1,26,789.


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