Trade union is preparing to halt the transportation of minerals in Jharkhand on 26 November

In view of the nationwide strike, trade unions are preparing to halt the movement of minerals across the state on 26 November. Seven trade unions including AITUC, CITU and Hind Mazdoor Sabha have formed a common front to make the strike a success. Left parties have also announced support for this strike. A comprehensive strategy has been devised to stop the movement of minerals from coal, iron and bauxite mines. The equipment employed in the mines is considered not to be stopped. Because once these machines come to a standstill, there is a lot of complexity in the mines.

Situ state general secretary Prakash Viplav claimed that railway employees would also register their protest under Work to Rule this time. Apart from State Bank, employees of all public sector banks are in support of the union strike. A large section of the state government employees have also claimed to be in support of the strike. He said that employees of insurance sector will also be on strike on 26 November. Viplav claimed that the strike has widespread support among workers against anti-labor changes in labor laws.

Torch procession will be held on 25 November: A torch procession has been organized by trade unions on the eve of the proposed strike on 26 November. This torch procession will leave Sainik Market and go to Shaheed Chowk. There this procession will be transformed into a gathering. There trade union leaders will appeal to the common people to support the strike. On 26 November, even on the day of the strike, the pro-strike employees of Ranchi will hold a meeting at Albert Ekka Chowk after closing their offices and establishments.

Farmers will perform at Raj Bhavan on November 27: CPI’s Office Secretary Ajay said that the farmers will protest at the Raj Bhavan against the amendment in the agricultural laws. Extensive preparations have also been made for this. The danger of amendment of laws among farmers is also being conveyed.


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