#The nephew took his aunt away and the two married at the temple, as soon as the family found out.

#The nephew took his aunt away and the two married at the temple, as soon as the family found out.

Aunty fell in love with her niece. Both of them ran away from home and got married in the temple. There was a big celebration after that. The families fatally cut off the intervention, then the police explained to the families, seeing the love of both of them, then 6.

Jharkhand Crime: In Chatra district of Jharkhand, an embarrassing incident of aunt-niece relationship has come to light, a young man falls in love with his aunt and takes her to the temple. The two were married by mutual consent. But then he started harassing the family and his family. Eventually the news of their marriage reached the family, then there was an uproar. Everyone started looking for the two, after which both of them reached the police station. Read more – Corona spike in Jharkhand: Corona devastation increases in the state, 873 new cases, 24 dead in 24 hours

The event is Friday. He had a love affair with a young woman, a resident of Rakshi village in Sadar police station area of ​​Chatra district, who was his aunt in his own relationship. Both of them loved each other immensely but for the time being they were scared of family members. The woman is a resident of a village in Rajpur Thana area. Both have to live and die together and run away from home Read more – Ishq Wala Prem … I moved to my country to love my girlfriend, 30 years later … I heard such a unique love story …

On Friday night, the two got married at the Shiva temple on the river Heru and became each other. But as soon as the information of this marriage was given to the people of the village as well as the people, the people started opposing it and started looking for both. Read more – Jharkhand: Minister had to have lung transplant, this MLA’s disease is a little different, find out

Fearing the family, the two fled and hid somewhere. After spending the night, they reached the Sadar police station, reported the whole incident to the police and surrendered. Since both are adults, on this basis the local police called the relatives of the two and explained and put them on PR bond.

But as soon as they reached home, their families refused to accept the marriage of the two as legal and started shouting. However, the two lovers were adamant about staying together as husband and wife. Due to his youth, the police arrived again and put out his housemates. After which, on the matter of the police, their families both agreed and got married.


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