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Minority scholarship will be given, after testing 17 parameters, know what is the rule

By Chandan Sen

To prevent its recurrence after the scholarship scam was exposed, the state government has ordered the Deputy Commissioners to physically verify the applications of all institutions and students during the financial year 2020-21. 17 criteria have been set to fulfill this order. Only after completing these, minority scholarship will be given. In this regard, Secretary of the Welfare Department, Dr. Amitabh Kaushal has issued orders to all the Deputy Commissioners of the state.

Previously released scholarships will also be recovered from educational institutions found to be fake in verification. The applications of all the students received through the institutions whose documents will be found to be fake, will also be rejected as such institutions. There will also be no need to do physical verification of these. The ACB has decided to investigate the matter of government embezzlement in the three scholarship schemes pre-matriculation, post matriculation and national resource-cum-scheme run by the Union Ministry of Minority Affairs. Physical verification of all applications and related institutions received under these three schemes for the current year is to be done by 15 December.

Scholarship amount will be recovered from students caught in the mess: Physical verification will see whether the students belonging to the institute have applied for taking hostel facility. If an application is made to stay in the hostel, it will be seen whether the hostel is available with the concerned institute. If the student does not belong to the concerned institute or is disqualified, their application will be rejected. In the event of the student applying for renewal of the Scholarship Scheme not belonging to the concerned institution or being disqualified, the scholarship paid earlier will be recovered.

It will also be seen whether the physical condition of the institute is consistent with the document dedicated on its behalf. Failure to do so will cancel the registration of the institute concerned and all applications will be rejected. Similarly, if the applications related to the renewal of the institute are not found in physical form as per the dedicated documents, then action will be taken to cancel the registration and to recover the amount of scholarship paid in earlier years.

This work is also necessary for physical verification

1. To check whether the U-DISE code is correct or not, check the relevant institute and its documentation. This work will be done from the records of District Education Superintendent or District Education Officer.
2. If an organization is found to be fake, then there will be no need for physical verification of its applicants.
3. It will also be seen whether the applying institute is eligible for the scholarship scheme.
4. Adequate number of officers will be deputed to do physical verification of the applications of the institute and scholarship. He will make a clear recommendation to the District Welfare Officer. Based on this, the DEO will verify the scholarship application on the portal.
6. The verification of DEO will be supervised by a preferred officer of the district.
7. Hostel operation is banned due to Kovid-19. Applications of open hostels not complying with it will also be rejected.
8. In case there is no verification or first verification at the institute level, compliance of the guidelines issued is to be ensured.


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