Manipal Tata Medical College’s admission cleared by the Supreme Court, know why it was stopped

The way to enroll in Manipal Tata Medical College in Jamshedpur has been cleared. The Supreme Court stayed the order of the National Medical Council (NMC), stating that the institute could participate in the second phase of counseling for enrollment. Second phase counseling is going on from 20 to 23 November to enroll in medical. The NMC had stayed enrollment for this session at Manipal Tata Medical College. The institute has 150 seats to enroll.

The order of NMC was first challenged by the institute in the Jharkhand High Court, but after getting relief from here, the institute challenged it in the Supreme Court. Institute advocate Prashant Pallava said that a bench headed by Justice L Nageswara Rao has heard the matter. During the hearing, the court was told that Manipal University is an autonomous institution and was awarded the status of excellent institution in the month of October. Meanwhile, the institute had applied to NMC for enrollment in this session. But NMC canceled his application. The court was told that by the time they got the information about the status of excellent institute, they had applied to the NMC for nomination. While the UGC and NMC guidelines do not apply to them after getting the status of excellent institution. NMC has no right to make such an order. Therefore, the ban on enrollment should be removed.

While NMC said that Manipal does not have the right to enroll in another state by opening a medical college. It has not been allowed. Manipal cannot enroll in a college located in Jamshedpur. After hearing all the parties, the Supreme Court allowed the college to join counseling for enrollment, prohibiting the NMC order.


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