Jharkhand: Whether the book was found or not, the education department will call the children and their parents

If state government school children do not get books within a week, teachers will have to withhold their August salaries. Shailesh Kumar Chaurasia, state project director of the Jharkhand Education Project Council, has given an ultimatum to all districts for the same. He made it clear that teachers should deliver books to all children within seven days

Teachers will provide books to the children and the school will update on the e-Vidyabahini app on behalf of the school how many children have been admitted to which class and how many were provided books. The teachers of the schools from which the online report will not come will have to withhold their salaries. Also, children and their parents will be sent and asked if they have received the textbook. 800 to 900 children will be informed daily from the state headquarters. Schools and teachers claim to distribute the book If the book distribution claim is proved wrong, they will be dealt with separately. Shailesh Kumar gave these instructions at an online meeting of all District Education Officers and District Education Supers in Chaurasia State.

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Children of 34,000 migrant workers will be enrolled: Due to Corona, about 34586 children of migrant workers in the state will be enrolled in government schools. Teachers have been given the responsibility for these children from the age of first to twelfth grade. Shailesh Kumar Chaurasia, State Project Director, JPC, directed all the districts to prepare a list of such children and provide nutritious zonal teachers. Teachers will go to the homes of such children and talk to their parents to ensure their admission to the school. The Associate DEO-DSE will also ensure from their Deputy Commissioner that no more children are left out of the list. These nationally enrolled children will get all the facilities provided by the government under various projects.

It will also be possible to nominate in the tenth grade: the children of migrant workers are also tenth grade students who matriculate the following year. Such children are also seeking admission in government schools. In Giridih alone, 155 children have expressed their desire to be admitted. In Jharkhand, registration for matriculation is done in the ninth class, which is why these children are not being admitted in the tenth class. Shailesh Kumar Chaurasia has asked all the districts to know the number of students admitted in Class X, so that it can be sent to the Jharkhand Academic Council so that such students can be admitted under special facilities and take part in the matriculation examination.

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