Jharkhand to have spice orchards, cloves, cardamom and cinnamon

The government is also preparing to set up an agricultural farm in Jharkhand. Under this, the farm will be developed as a spice garden in each district. It will encourage farmers to cultivate it mainly through clove, cardamom and cinnamon orchards.

It will be launched from Demotad’s agri-tourism center in Hazaribagh. To make the spices self-sufficient and increase the income of the farmers, the Department of Agriculture will also train the state to cultivate through this horticulture. Divisional Minister Badal explained that in the geographical composition of Jharkhand, all kinds of fruits and flowers are being grown.

The climate here is also good for spices. However, due to lack of information, it is not cultivated and many things have to be imported from other states. The way spices have been planted in Goa, the farmers here are very much inspired by it and its cultivation is very much in and around the states.

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He said that now Jharkhand will also work in spice cultivation after fruits, flowers and vegetables. He said the whole blueprint had been prepared. Now the department will deliberately make a proposal, after which its budget will be decided. It is known that the state already produces a lot of spices, mainly coriander, ginger, turmeric, garlic, fennel etc. are cultivated. But that’s not a lot. Many other spices are affectionately planted as kitchen gardens.

Farmers will be provided trees and seeds at affordable rates for cultivation: The government will provide low cost plants and seeds to the farmers who are willing to cultivate spices. After receiving the training that is being offered, farmers can come forward to cultivate it. The government will provide up to 50 per cent subsidy and will also try to help farmers in agriculture.

Location of tea garden on about eight acres in Demotade: Despite the unfavorable weather conditions in Jharkhand, tea gardens have been set up at the agro-tourism center in Demota. Tea is also produced here.

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Opinions are being sought from spice agronomists: Agriculture Minister Badal said that hundreds of spices can be cultivated. But before that, opinions are also being taken from agricultural scientists. So that cultivable spices are preferred. Farmers do not want to cultivate what they say unless they see something with their eyes. However, this initiative of the government will prove to be successful and the farmers will get a good alternative for agriculture.


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