Jharkhand: Dense forests can be found in six cities including Ranchi, Bokaro, Jamshedpur, Dhanbad, Giridih.

The cities of Ranchi, Dhanbad and Jamshedpur will have dense forests. The same thing will happen in Bokaro, Giridih and Hazaribagh. The state government has planned to develop seven urban forests in these six cities. The proposal has been sent to the Government of India.

The state’s forest and environment department sought a proposal from the state’s municipal body identifying the location. Based on this, the location and expansion of the proposed forest area of ​​the city has been identified. The seven city forests will total 160 hectares. In the seven city forests, trees with local natural adaptations will grow and develop as forests within the city. Its purpose is to improve the climate of cities. Also, alternative centers for nature watching will be available inside the city. Urban forests will not have flowers or ornamental plants such as parks or walking tracks etc. Only mixed species of trees will be planted. The state government will create blockades here and develop some civic amenities. The project will also be supported by several state-sponsored projects, including those supported by the central government.

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Two urban forests will be developed in Ranchi

The state government has sent a proposal for the development of two urban forests within the boundaries of the Ranchi Municipal Corporation. One of these will be built behind the City One Hotoar prison. Its spread will be about 25 hectares. The second town will be built near the Forest Women’s Forestry School. It will be spread over 25 hectares of land.

Will also cooperate under CSR

On the occasion of World Environment Day on June 5 this year, the Government of India has announced to develop 200 urban forests across the country in the next five years. The Government of India is currently providing a grant of Rs. 4 lakh per hectare to the State Government for the development of urban forests. The remaining amount will have to be collected by the state government from its own resources. Under this, the state government will be able to use many more departmental schemes. In addition to this, the amount received from the corporate social responsibility of the companies can also be used under this. Through this, facilities can also be developed for school children for nature trips etc. In addition to the proposed municipal forest near the Kanhari hills in Hazaribagh, plans will be implemented to place two telescopes on the hills there.

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In which city, where the city becomes a forest

Ranchi: Behind Hotwar Jail near the woman
Jamshedpur: Balinuma
Thanks: Damodarpur
Bokaro: Contra
Hazaribagh: Jagadishpur
Giridih: Kalyanidah


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