Jharkhand Backward People Advice to Save 50 Percent in Jobs, Find Out When It Will Apply


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If the state government agrees, the backward class people of Jharkhand can get 3 per cent reservation in state government jobs. It has been recommended by the State Commission for Backward Classes in Jharkhand. It has been sent to the Chief Minister’s Office to complete the necessary process. The commission has allowed the state government to reserve a maximum of 50 per cent seats in government service for the backward class. In Jharkhand, people from backward classes will get 14 per cent reservation in government jobs at the moment.

Jharkhand’s Western Class State Commission will soon send a detailed report to the state government in this regard. Copies of the provisions laid down by the Commission for the Preservation of Backward Classes in various States will also be sent to the State Government. Apart from this, the Chief Minister’s Office will also be made aware of the right of the state government to increase the reservation limit by more than 50 per cent. The commission took this decision after hearing the petition of Sadan Morcha. The Morcha has claimed that the backward class population in Jharkhand is 56 per cent. This proportion was demanded to be preserved in government service.

24 percent behind, 12 percent behind: The State Commission for the Backward Classes believes that the population of the most backward class in the state is more than the population of Annexure-1, i.e. the population of Annexure-2. Therefore, the Jharkhand government should reserve at least 24 per cent of the backward class (included-1) and 12 per cent of the backward class (add-II). The Commission in its recommendation referred to the decision of the Supreme Court regarding reservations in Tamil Nadu. In the case of Tamil Nadu, the Supreme Court has decided to increase the reservation in proportion to the population.

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Jharkhand will have 72% reservation: If the Jharkhand government accepts the recommendations of the state commission for the backward classes, the total reservation for government jobs in Jharkhand will be 72 per cent. Jharkhand currently has 10 per cent reservation for Scheduled Castes, 2 per cent for Scheduled Tribes, eight per cent for final class, six per cent for backward class and 10 per cent for economically weaker citizens. These were percent0 percent of the total. For the backward class, the provision of 3 per cent reservation instead of 14 per cent will bring the total reservation in government service to 62 per cent.

Detailed reports will be sent to the relevant sections shortly:

Justice Loknath Prasad, chairman of the State Commission for the Backward Classes, said the state government has been recommended to reserve at least 3 per cent for the backward class in the state government service. There is no impediment after the Supreme Court decision in the Tamil Nadu case. A detailed report in this regard will be sent to the concerned departments soon.

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Now it’s a reservation

Scheduled Castes: 10 percent
Scheduled Tribes: 26 percent
Finalized Backward Class (Addition-1) – 08%
Backward Class (Addition-II) -06 percent
Financially weak category: 10 percent
Total: 60%

It will be saved next

Scheduled Castes: 10 percent
Scheduled Tribes: 26 percent
Final backward class (Annexure-1) – 24 percent
Backward Class (Addition-II) – 12 percent
Economically Weak Category: 10%
Total: 82%

The state government is in a heavy weight: Making the State Commission’s recommendation of at least 3 per cent reservation for the backward classes the mainstay, now if the state government to state government is ready, it will have to get the approval of the state cabinet. After that, the posts and services in Jharkhand will have to be taken to the Legislative Assembly for amendment. After passing from there, 3 in percent reservation in government service for backward class will be implemented.

This should be done before the reservation is effective
D. The state’s backward caste survey has to be done for their population.
D. A survey should be conducted on the number of backward class people in the state government service.
It’s a hindrance
D. A large part of the state falls under the Scheduled Castes. In those areas, there is a provision to give priority to Scheduled Tribes in district level employment. In such cases, it is up to the state government to decide what to do in those areas.
D. Raghuvar Raje was recommended in 2%
5. For the backward class, the state commission recommended Raghuvar Das as the chief minister to retain 227 per cent. At this time, the Chief Minister ordered a survey of backward castes. Who could not get up.

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