Investigate the backward Corona from the neighboring state of Jharkhand, find out what the situation is

Despite the rapid pace of corona infection investigations and two-phase campaigns, Jharkhand is not only lagging behind the national average in terms of investigations, but also lagging behind neighboring states. Overall, Jharkhand showed only 1.51 per cent of the total population, compared to 2.5 per cent at the national level.

Speaking of neighboring states, Orissa is ahead in terms of investigation. About 3.12 percent of people have appeared there so far. Uttar Pradesh recorded 2.07 per cent, Bihar 2.03 per cent, Chhattisgarh 1.66868 per cent and West Bengal 1.611 per cent. However, in Jharkhand, there is a continuous campaign to speed up the investigation. The results are also being published. Ensure rapid identification of patients and treatment by isolating them. Due to which the speed of infection has decreased.

Understand the state of investigation in this national state tand

The state examines a total sample per 10 lakh population
Jharkhand 3.74 crore 566504 15146
Bihar 11.95 crore 2432497 20352
Orissa 4.36 crore 1363620 31224
UP 22.49 crore 4674620 20778
2.87 crore 483989 16849 of Chhattisgarh
P. Bengal 9.69 crore 1561311 16111

The situation in the district is even worse

The state currently has an average of 15,146 investigations per million population. Some districts still have less than 8,000 tests per 10,000. There are 1 districts in the state, where the rate of investigation is still below the state average. Dumka is behind in terms of investigation. Where so far only 7479 samples per 10 lakh population have been searched.

Districts with low test averages

Per million Czech districts
Dumka 7479
Deoghar 8174
Bokaro 8561
Chatra 9374
Hazaribagh 9539
Giridih 9737
Sahebganj 9813
Gadda 9965
Jamtara 10110
Garhwa 10531
Thanks 11058
Seraikela 11221
P Singhbhum 11410
Gumla 11992
Palamu 12426
Ramgarh 12646


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