Independence Day celebrations in Jharkhand in honor of Corona Warriors


The main state function of Independence Day was celebrated at Morhabadi Maidan in Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand. On the occasion, Chief Minister Hemant Soren hoisted the flag and congratulated the people on Independence Day.

On the occasion of Independence Day, the Chief Minister paid homage to the doctors, health workers, police and sanitation workers who played a leading role in the fight against the epidemic in Corona. This time people were told not to attend the main state ceremony due to coronary infection. While at home, he was asked to attend an online event. For this, live telecast was arranged at

Jharkhand farmers to get Rs 2,000 crore loan waiver: Governor Draupadi Murmu

Independence Day celebrations were held in Dumka. Governor Draupadi Murmu addressed the gathering. It is said that the government has set a target of Rs 2,000 crore loan waiver for the farmers of the state under the waiver scheme this year. On the one hand, every necessary step is being taken to fight this epidemic. On the other hand, our government is constantly trying to move the wheel of the state forward.
Agriculture has made a significant contribution to the economy of our state. The Corona epidemic has adversely affected our economy. Interest is the only sector that has the potential to recover from the damage it has done to our state’s economy. Our government has been working continuously on this. In the current financial year, the waiver scheme is in the process of waiving the short-term crop loan waiver of small and marginal farmers in the state under the burden of agricultural credit. The government has set a target of Tk 2,000 crore loan waiver for farmers in the state under the waiver scheme this year. A project is being implemented to promote organic farming certification and organic fertilizer production in the state. Under this project, a target of around Tk. 466 crore has been set for the farmers.
The Governor said that compost seeds, pesticides, crop insurance, paddy collection, etc. are provided to the farmers through lamps / packs. In order to provide working capital and infrastructural furniture and other necessary materials in lamps / packs, our government has made every model lamp / packs in every block of the state in FY 2020-21. It has been decided to give Rs 5 lakh as executive and Rs 2 lakh as infrastructure.

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Governor Draupadi Murmu said that in the current scenario, in view of the prevalence of corona, efforts are being made to provide employment at the village level through fish farming. A 622 acre pond is being constructed, out of which approval has been given for construction of 1 17 acre pond in Santal Pargana area. Four new animal fish markets are being set up in the state to promote fish marketing in a healthy manner.


Considering the importance of irrigation in agriculture, the government has already set a target of completing 350 check dam projects implemented across the state. Through this, the impact of small rivers in the state will be collected through check dams which will be very beneficial for irrigation as well as other daily water needs of the villagers.

Corona has affected almost all spheres of human life. It has already begun to have a far-reaching impact on education. In this moment of catastrophe, our government is constantly working to reduce the negative impact of corona on the education system. From April 2020, online education activities are being conducted in the state under the “DG-Sath Program”. Due to which about 14 lakh students of the state are benefiting. Of these, 4.50 lakh students are from Santal Parganas. Apart from this, lessons and reading programs are also being conducted through Doordarshan.
Necessary steps are being taken for the development and teaching of Santali language. Necessary initiatives are being taken for the development and education of Santali language especially in Santal Pargana division. For Santhali language, 130 guest teachers have been arranged in Sahebganj district to provide information to the students in specific languages.

The Governor said that in order to make the best use of the infrastructure of higher education institutions, online classrooms have been set up in all the universities / technical educational institutions in the state keeping in view the Corona epidemic. In addition, digital education is being arranged for the Jharkhand Center under the Jharkhand Education Grid to encourage teaching through digital medium. Arrangements are being made for online as well as spot rounds for admission of students in technical education institutions. In addition, admission is being arranged in the Polytechnic / Women’s Polytechnic in the academic year 2020-21 on the basis of the marks obtained in class X.


Our government is vigilant and sensitive in fulfilling the responsibilities of a public welfare government. Also, in this age of catastrophe, the government is determined to take every appropriate step for the welfare of the last person in the state. Various projects such as housing, drinking water supply, solar electrification and other infrastructures are being implemented for the overall development of 10 selected villages of indigenous martyrs under the Shaheed Village Development Project. Considering the success and necessity of this project, it has been decided to extend the Shaheed Village Development Project for the next 3 years. Two rural pipe-based water supply projects at a total cost of Taka 13.30 crore have been approved in Dumka and Simdega districts to facilitate drinking water supply in the designated areas.

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Our government is working tirelessly to provide employment to the youth of the state by enhancing their skills. At present 26 welfare gurukulas and 6 nursing skill colleges are being run to speed up the development of skills. Under which training is being given to the youth in various subjects. Among the youths trained through welfare gurukulas, cas1% of the Scheduled Castes belong to the youth class.

The forest is an invaluable resource and the cultural identity of our state is also associated with it. Forest resources are necessary not only for human life, but also for the existence of all living things in the universe. It is the responsibility of all of us to maintain a natural balance. In the current financial year, with the participation of villagers, our government has implemented 35, 35.4 hectares of forest land / non-forest land. Work is underway to plant 344 km of river banks and 3420 gabion trees. About 20 million trees are being planted this year. These works will generate a total of 160 million people a day this financial year which will be a major source of employment for rural workers during the Corona period.

The priority of the government is to provide clean drinking water to all the people of the state. This year, the target is to cover tap water in 25 per cent households in the state, i.e. about 13 lakh households. This year, a total of 25 major water supply projects have been selected, which will benefit 1.2 lakh households and 3.3 lakh population.

‘Clean-up’ is the responsibility of all of us and we need to maintain cleanliness on our own and around us. Because it’s just clean-up, which helps to improve our personality from being clean externally and internally. The importance of cleanliness has increased in the current scenario of the Corona epidemic. Under the Clean India Mission (Rural), community sanitation complexes (community toilets) should be set up in every village in the state. At present 193 community toilets have been constructed in Dumka area.

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The Chief Minister’s Didi Kitchen Project was launched in all the panchayats of the state with the aim of tackling the corona epidemic in the state and providing food to the poor and needy. The responsibility of running Didi Kitchen was given to the Sakhi Mandals registered at the Panchayat level. Food and social distance standards were strictly followed with food distribution in all these centers. The women of Sakhi Mandal are playing a vital role in the successful operation of the CM Didi kitchen project as well as in corona awareness in the villages, production of masks and sanitizers, banking services, sales of farmers’ products.

The Governor said that I have agreed that a lot of work needs to be done for the development of the state. Efforts should be made to implement the development and welfare projects of the people expeditiously so that our state is at the forefront of the line of developed states. We have to face the unprecedented side effects of the corona virus and the incredible crisis that has dominated humanity around the world. I urge all of you to fully follow the guidelines issued by the government to prevent corona infection. Take care of yourself and your family, especially children and the elderly. I am hopeful that with the good efforts of the government and the cooperation of all of you, we will surely win this battle against the Corona epidemic.



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