Find out the date, when and how of Madhyama Madrasa and Madrasa exams in Jharkhand

Madhyama and Madrasa examinations in the state will be held in October. Apart from this, entrance examinations of other schools will be held in the form of inter-vocational, model school, Indira Gandhi Residential Girls’ School and inter-matric departmental examinations. Jharkhand has started preparations for the Academic Council (JAC).

On Monday, during an online meeting with all the regional education deputy directors and all the district education officials, the districts were asked if there were any problems in giving the middle and madrasa exams. Authorities have denied any objection. Jack Secretary Mahip Kumar Singh has sought affidavits from all DEOs to conduct the test within a week. The DEO will have to give an affidavit by Saturday that it has no problem in giving entrance exams including Madhyama, Madrasa, Intermediate Vocational, Intermediate and Matric bogie exams. It was also asked to make it known by Saturday by setting up test centers for all tests. After receiving the affidavit from the district for the test, a proposal will be sent to the Disaster Management Department for permission to conduct the test next week. The examination schedule will be published after the consent of the Disaster Management Department. First, there will be Madhyama and Madrasa examinations, at the end of successive examinations, there will be matric-inter bogie examinations.

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The following social distances will be mandatory: Jack gave the number of students who took part in all the exams and entrance exams in all the districts including Madhyama, Madrasa. On the basis of this, all the districts have to have examination centers. Social centers need to be followed in test centers. A candidate will sit on the bench. At the same time, a distance of six feet will be required between the two candidates. In addition, the mask will be used by the examinee as well as the teacher. The test centers will have adequate arrangements for cleanliness and sanitizer. School premises and rooms will be compulsorily sanitized before the start of the examination.

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How many candidates will be included in any exam?

Median: 7000
Madrasa: 17000
Inter Vocational: 700
Inter-departmental: 31,000
Metric category: 29,000
89 Model School Entrance Test: 2100
Entrance test in the form of Indira Gandhi Girls Residential School: 2200


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