Embarrassing: Boyfriend’s friend kidnaps and rapes woman in many cities

A friend who fled from Kolkata has been raped by his girlfriend’s friend. The woman was forcibly taken hostage in several cities. Badal Gautam of Bank Mori Tetulatala, a friend of boyfriend Sanket Krishnani, also took millions of rupees and valuable jewelery from the woman. The woman, who was somehow released from the chase, has filed an FIR against Badal Gautam for raping her at a bank turning station. Police have conducted a medical examination of the woman. The woman’s statement under section 164 will soon be recorded in court. The victim is the daughter of a retired BCCL official.

In a written complaint lodged with the Bank Mor police station, the woman stated that she was not happy with her marriage and wanted to marry Sanket Krishnani. On July 11, he left Kolkata in his car with Sanket Krishnani and Badal Gautam. Sanket and Badal Gautam had a 15-year acquaintance. At the behest of Badal Gautam, he took all his ornaments with him when he left the house. Badal took all the jewelery and money, saying he would take the gems when the police caught him. An FIR was recently registered against Badar and his brother in Bokaro. He had been controversial before.

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Threatened to sell in red light area

When appealing to police, the woman said she left her Kia Cellatos car. Badal left his car in Jamtala. From there he, Krishnani and Badal Gautam traveled to Delhi in his car. Badal was at the house of his friend Abhishek Rai in Delhi. There Krishnani was sent as an excuse and forcibly formed a relationship with her. He was threatened that if he told Krishnani or anyone about the rape, he would sell it in the red light area of ​​Delhi.

He continued to visit Jalandhar, Mahali, Kanpur and Ranchi

Badal took the woman and her friend Sanket from Delhi to Jalandhar. He left the woman’s car with his friend in Delhi. Mohali was taken from there. Then they reached Kanpur by car. He took a separate house in Kanpur. Badal also raped a woman there. After that he reached Khelgaon with the two of them. The shooter was called there earlier. The blacks were killed in front of the victims and demanded a ransom of Rs 25 lakh from the family. Then Krishnani can also know about the abduction.

On July 26, Badal came to Ranchi Lalpur with the two of them. There he is staying at his brother Mohit’s house. His shooter was also there. Badal brought a false complaint to the police officer and police station against many people of Dhanbad. He threatened to kill her and Krishnani if ​​she did not complain. Through a daughter, Badal took eight lakh rupees from Krishnani’s brother Gautam Bertand. Somehow he got out of his grip. Jewelry and money are still with Badal.


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