Deterioration of the karate champion players financial situation forcing him

Deterioration of the karate champion player’s financial situation, forcing him to sell handguns

I don’t know how many talents there are in the country who win on the playing field but the system defeats them. One such incident came from Ranchi in Jharkhand, where 226-year-old Karate National Medal winner Bimala Munda is making a living by selling her. Munda won a silver medal at the 34th National Games in 2011. She also won a gold medal at the 2012 Kudo International Championships organized by actress Akshay Kumar.

Bimala has six members in her family, including four siblings. Dad is a farmer by profession. Bimala’s father (45) is also in poor health and is unable to take wages. In February of this year, he started coaching karate for his expenses. But it also shut down due to a lockdown, after which he was forced to sell a handgun.

Bimala Munda has lived with her grandparents in the village of Patragonda in the Kanker block of Ranchi since childhood. At the same time, his parents live in Sagarampur village of his block. Bimala says, ‘I have been with my grandfather since childhood. My grandfather retired before 2000. Jharkhand was not separated from Bihar then. He receives a pension of about Rs. 1,000,000 per month but most of his pension money goes to his medicine. ‘

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He earns 300 rupees by selling handguns

Bimala sells 70 to 80 glasses of Hadia every day. A glass costs 400 rupees. If we review it accordingly, his project income is between 280 and 320. According to him, most of this income is spent on buying household items.

Waiting for a government job

Bimala claimed that he was the only one of the 33 players who could get a government job directly under the job scheme. However, he has not yet received the appointment letter. According to Bimala, ‘I applied in 2019 under this scheme. The papers were also verified in February and it was said that the appointment letter would be received in March. We are still waiting for our appointment letter. Sports Secretary Pooja Sehgal said, “They will be given a letter of appointment within a month.

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The new sports policy will change the fate of the players

Meanwhile, Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren has considered the situation in Bimala. In a tweet on Sunday, Soren Ranchi asked the district commission to coordinate with the sports secretary to provide all possible assistance to the players. He tweeted, “The future of the players will change only if our upcoming sports policy is implemented.”

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