Conspiracy failed: IED bomb recovered from Chaibas, Naxals arrested

West Singhbhum police arrested another Naxalite two days later on Monday. Naxalite Devendra Jamuda, arrested near Chaibas, is an active member of the CPI-Maoist’s top commander Budharam alias Ajay Mahto Squad. At his scene, police recovered a cylinder IED bomb planted inside a black road near Baidipa mode on the Barkela-Petpeti Satwa main road. The IDD bomb was defused by the Bomb Disposal Squad. West Singhbhum Superintendent of Police Ajay Linda gave this information.

He said 31-year-old Devendra Chakradharpur is a permanent resident of Dharmashai. At that time he was carrying out Naxal activities in Chokposai of Petpatti village in Mufassil police station area. Devendra was involved in the July Barclays Forest Department blasts and the roadside bombings in the village of Latrasika. He was also involved in putting up Naxal posters in the town of Chaibasa on the night of September 15.

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Chaibasa was coming on three bikes: The SP said it was learned that the Naxals had come to Chaibasa on behalf of Berkeley to put up poster banners on the occasion of the founding day. A police team was formed on this information. When the team stopped near Hadia Godown in Pancho village on the main road from Narsanda mode to Berkela, six groups of three bikers stopped, then they stopped. Police chased and caught a biker. During interrogation, he said his name was Devendra. The investigation found a slip of paper from a black purse with his jeans pocket, a list of similar and some other similar items used by CPI Maoist militant organization Budharam alias Ajay Mahto to make cane bomb IEDs. Banner posters related to the founding week of the CPI-Maoist militant group were also recovered from them. However, five of his associates managed to escape. Among those who have fled are Sundar Surin of Chhota Kuira in Goelkera, Kamlu of Maradiri village, Eshahatur soup of the village, Singarai Tuti and Singarai Kamaya of Sayatwar village, Muftasil Ram Boipai of Barkela village.

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These items have been recovered: 1 CPI Maoist banner, 4 posters, two smart phones, a bike, 50 meter power cord
The expedition team included: Sadar SDPO Amar Kumar Pandey, Mufassil Police Station in-charge Ashutosh Kumar, Pankaj Pankaj Kumar, Rabindra Pade, Deepak Paswan, Pawan Kumar Yadav, Neeraj Kumar Gupta, Ashish Kumar Gautam.


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