CM Hemant Soren who has become aggressive against the central

CM Hemant Soren, who has become aggressive against the central government, said that the Center should not take the opportunity of tolerance and directness of Jharkhandis.

Chief Minister Hemant Soren said the central government should not try to take advantage of the tolerance and directness of Jharkhandis. The whole country is being enlightened by the mineral resources of Jharkhand. If the people here come by themselves, the country will be in darkness. We have also imposed economic blockade to get this state. The whole country cried then. Not that the whole country is enlightened by its mineral resources. If the people here take matters into their own hands, perhaps the whole country will go into darkness. The central government does not have the right to pay GST in Jharkhand, but it is cutting off our treasury money.

The Chief Minister was addressing the people during the inauguration program of the new building and other projects of Deoghar Municipal Corporation at Babangari on Saturday. Attacking the central government, the chief minister said he would not beg for rights now, but would take away his authority. Responsible for bringing Corona to the country, he said the central government was busy taking care of Trump at a time when Corona w as spreading around the world. The disease has spread to the country from seven seas. The lockdown was quickly imposed. Calling on all to cooperate in the fight for transformation, he said the assurance given by the central government was almost a year away. Not healthcare. There was talk of providing ventilators in every state, not in Jharkhand. Even in this unfavorable situation, different challenges are arising with the economy. The CM said money was being cut to harass the Jharkhand government. The central government does not want the development of Jharkhand, because there is a challenge.

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