Business Crisis: 15,000 workers choose Kendu leaves in Kolhapur, but now the story is reversed, read this news


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GST has damaged the Kolhu leaf business in Kalhan. About 15,000 workers who chose Kendu leaves are facing livelihood crisis.

The forest department believes that where kendu leaves were traded for around Rs 14 to 15 crore per year, it has now come down to just around Rs 6 lakh. Some coronary infections also have effects. However, it is having more impact on GST. Kendu leaves are subject to GST of about 28 per cent on drought and 18 per cent on tobacco. This is why bidi makers find it very expensive. Apart from this, the buyers of Kendu address also have to pay extra transportation cost. This is why the business of Kendu leaves has declined significantly in the last few days. There are six ranges in the Forest Department’s Veteran Notification in Kolhan with about 15,000 kendu leaf pickers. These include Anandapur, Goelkera, Chakradharpur, Chakulia and Mango ranges. Workers collecting 50,000 leaves were given 900 rupees. Kolhan kendu leaves are supplied to Kolkata and Dhulian. Some local companies also bought it.

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At the same time, Mitu Pandey, president of the Kendu Leaf Buyers Association, said the corporation law was quite crooked. Reserve prices have been revised in each state due to the market downturn. No reforms have been made in Jharkhand. First we collect the todai pass. Workers do not pay. So far the department has not paid the workers last year. In other states, the government pays to raise. This causes a lot of trouble for the buyers.

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