A 19 year old teenager living in a live in relationship has been

A 19-year-old teenager living in a live-in relationship has been stabbed to death in Ludwig, Ghaghara.

Pusu Kumari, a 19-year-old girl, was killed in Ludgo in Ghagra police station area. Pusu was stabbed in the head with a sharp weapon. His body was recovered on Sunday afternoon from a farm in Arhar, about a kilometer from the village. Pusu had been married to Basanta Mahato of the village for a year without getting married. The villagers did not protest because both were of the same caste.

Six months ago, Basanta returned to the country after earning income from another state. And Pusu lived in the spring house with his mother-in-law. After the murder, Pusu’s mother Panapati Devi said that the girl used to beat Pusu at the same time after Basant returned to the scene of the murder and demanded money. He further said that Basant had beaten Pusu about three months ago. The matter reached the police station. The matter was settled at the police station as the head of the panchayat and others were not beaten again. A week ago, Basant also beat Pusu, causing h is face to swell. Which his mother treated.

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Here on Saturday, Pusu was at his mother’s home village. And in the evening the father-in-law left. On Sunday, the villagers who had come to Madua cut the body around one o’clock in the night and informed the family. Family members said the body was completely naked. Which is why it is believed that many people raped her before the murder. After receiving information from relatives, SDPO Manish Chandra Lal reached the spot and took away the body after conducting necessary investigation. Police also took Pusur’s husband Basanta into custody. Family members were shouting in front of the police at the time of Basant’s murder. The police are deeply involved in the matter. And the first party is expected to be involved in rape and murder in the spring.

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