50 injured as broken Delhi-bound bus overturns at Shahjahanpur

The accident took place near Chakvitara village in Roza area of ​​Shahjahanpur district on Tuesday morning. The driver fell asleep, causing the private bus from Jharkhand to Delhi to overturn. The passengers trapped in the bus shouted. People in the vicinity smashed the mirror of the bus and took out the passengers, though no one was seriously injured. After initial treatment, the passengers were sent to Delhi by vehicle.

People who came for a walk in the morning became helpful

The accident happened around 5 am on Tuesday. Private bus number UP-15DT4817 was going from Jharkhand to Anand Bihar Delhi for passenger workers. About 50 passengers were sitting in the bus. Someone woke up and someone was sleeping. At the same time, the bus reached Chakvitara village in Roza area of ​​Shahjahanpur district. Then the driver fell asleep. The bus overturned uncontrollably on the road. Hearing the screams, the people walking there ran away. Brought to the village. A large number of villagers reached the spot. Police also arrived from behind. The passengers trapped in the bus broke the glass and came out.

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Someone’s headache

The bus overturned and caused a threat. The speed of the wheels of the vehicle coming from behind also stopped. Other drivers also assisted the stranded passengers on the bus. If someone gets hit in the head, someone gets hit in the hand. Someone had a leg injury. Thanks, no one was seriously injured. It is said that the speed of the bus was not very high. If the speed of the bus was high, big accidents could happen. People can die.

The driver jumped up and ran, taking the conductor into custody

Seeing the anger of the people after the bus overturned, the driver first jumped out of the window and ran away but the conductor got stuck in the bus, the police arrested him and brought him straight to the police station. So that the agitated crowd does not beat the conductor anywhere. Let us know that such accidents happen on such days.

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The bus was taking laborers

SP City Sanjay Kumar said a bus of Roger overturned. It is said that there were workers in the bus. The bus was taken from Delhi to Bihar. Action is being taken.

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It was an accident

  • The driver jumped to save the truck when it overturned on the Rosa Over Bridge last year.
  • A few months ago, a contractor bus in Sindhauli area overturned to save someone.
  • Several people were injured when a bus overturned in Khutar a few months ago.
  • Two lives have been snatched by a driver in Banda.


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