# Punjab Night Curfew: Night Curfew in Punjab till April 30, it is scheduled; Find out which state has a ban

#  Punjab Night Curfew: Night Curfew in Punjab till April 30, it is scheduled;  Find out which state has a ban

Punjab Night Curfew: The Amarinder Singh government of Punjab has imposed a night curfew across the state in the wake of the fast-growing case of Corona.

Punjab Night Curfew: In the wake of Corona’s fast-growing case, the Amarinder Singh government in Punjab has imposed a night curfew across the state. As per the order issued by the government, night curfew will be effective in the entire state of Punjab from 9 am to 5 am till April 30. Earlier, the night curfew was applicable in 12 districts of Punjab till April 10, but now it has been announced to be implemented in the entire state. According to the order issued by the government, political demonstrations will not be allowed at this time. Read more – Jomato / Swiggy Warning: Order before 8pm in Mumbai, otherwise you’ll be hungry all night

On the other hand, earlier, the Chandigarh administration had decided to impose night curfew in the state from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Night curfew will also be applicable in Chandigarh from today. Chandigarh Administrator VP Singh Badno has directed the police to strictly observe the night curfew. Also, hospital authorities have been asked to vaccinate all health workers as soon as possible.

Badnur said measures such as imposing curfew on weekly holidays and closing crowded places could be considered due to public negligence. The official notification said, ‘In the wake of the growing case of Kovid-19, from 10 am to 10 am. It has been decided to impose curfew till night. At the same time, after 311 new virus infections in Chandigarh, the number of infections in the Union Territory has risen to 26,7996. At the same time, the death toll rose to 366 after the deaths of two more.

Lockdown and night curfew imposed in this state

  1. Delhi (Night Curfew in Delhi)

    A night curfew has been declared in the capital Delhi due to the rising incidence of corona. This night’s curfew will run from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on April 31. However, relief has been provided to the people involved in the necessary services during this period. However, the Delhi government will issue an e-pass to those currently working. However, guidelines have already been issued on weddings, public ceremonies, etc. during this period.

  2. Night curfew in Maharashtra

    In Maharashtra, the situation has started deteriorating again with Corona. More than 50,000 coroner cases are being confirmed every day. Fifty percent of the cases are coming from Maharashtra alone. In such a situation, Uddhav government has announced weekend lockdown and night curfew in Maharashtra. However, the state government does not show support for a complete lockdown.

  3. Madhya Pradesh (Night Curfew in Madhya Pradesh)

    Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal, Indore and Jabalpur witnessed the highest number of corona cases in three places. Due to this, lockdown has been declared in these three districts every Sunday. At this point, Shivraj Singh Chauhan has appealed to people to wear masks and follow the rules. I would like to inform you that sirens will be sounded in each district at 11 am and 7 pm and a decision will be taken keeping in mind the campaign to wait 2 minutes from the people and maintain social distance.

  4. Gujarat (Night Curfew in Gujarat)

    The Gujarat government has announced night curfew in 20 cities. The number of married and public programs has been limited at this time. Although 100 people are allowed to marry. April 30 Other grand ceremonies and programs are banned in the state. Night curfew will continue from 8 am to 6 am in 20 cities of the state.

  5. Night curfew in Chhattisgarh

    The growing case of Corona in Chhattisgarh has put the state government to sleep. Please be informed that on Monday, more than 7000 Corona cases were registered in the state. Lockdown has been declared in Raipur state district fort, Rajnandgaon and night curfew.

  6. Night curfew in Himachal Pradesh

    The state government held a meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on April 8 over the new Corona case in Himachal Pradesh. A decision on the night curfew is likely to be taken after this meeting. Night curfew will be considered after detailed discussion at this meeting.

  7. Rajasthan (Night Curfew in Rajasthan)

    Corona’s new case is also coming up in Rajasthan. The number of corona victims is increasing day by day in Jodhpur. Under such circumstances, a night curfew has been imposed in Jodhpur from April 6 to 19. This curfew will continue from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

  8. Orissa (Night Curfew in Orissa)

    The state government has imposed night curfew in 10 districts. The total number of infected people in the state has crossed three lakh. In such a situation, night curfew has been decided in ten districts of the state. This night’s curfew will last from 10pm to 5am.

  9. Night curfew in Uttar Pradesh

    New cases of coronavirus in Uttar Pradesh are also a cause for concern for the state government. In such a situation, the Allahabad High Court has asked the Yogi government to look into the possibility of imposing a night curfew. Let us know that this decision can be taken by the state government by evening.


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