NEW DELHI: Suspicious items were found outside the National Media Center, with bomb squads and dog teams at the scene.

A special police team arrived at the scene after a suspicious object was found outside the National Media Center in New Delhi.

National Media Center, New Delhi, News, Delhi, News: A suspicious object has been found outside the National Media Center in the country’s capital, New Delhi. As soon as the information was received, unrest spread in the area and the matter was immediately reported to the police (Delhi Police). Read more – Those who do not abide by Delhi Corona Rules will not be deducted, now invoices will be deducted, there will be FIRs

Bomb squads and dog squads were immediately dispatched to the spot as soon as the Delhi Police came to know about the matter. Read more – Coronavirus in Delhi: Coronavirus continues in Delhi, more than 4,000 new cases for the first time this year

Teams from the Bomb Disposal Squad and Dog Squad arrived outside the National Media Center in New Delhi after receiving news that the suspicious object was present and that the suspect was engaged in the investigation of the item. Waiting for a detailed explanation at the moment.


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