Why is it important for the state to build two new bridges across the Ganges in Bihar? Get to know the inner story

The plan to build a bridge parallel to the Mahatma Gandhi Bridge over the Ganges River in Bihar and the Vikramshila Bridge at Bhagalpur is very important for Bihar. The construction of a bridge parallel to the Gandhi Bridge will make the traffic between North and South Bihar more accessible. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday handed over 14,228 crore road and bridge projects to Bihar.

All these projects will also reduce the travel time taken to Patna from other parts of the state. The department has claimed to have completed land acquisition for most of the projects. These projects will be completed in the next three to four years. The Department of Road Construction claims that once these projects are completed, people from all over the state will be able to reach Patna within five hours.

Traffic between North and South Bihar will be easier

To make the traffic between North and South Bihar more accessible, a new bridge will be constructed parallel to the Mahatma Gandhi Bridge. The 14 km long bridge along the approach road will be made four lanes. Its work has also been allotted after tender.

The bridge adjacent to Vikramshila

The existing Vikramshila Bridge in Bhagalpur is under a lot of traffic pressure. He can’t stand the pressure of the car anymore. 4.444 km will be constructed parallel to this bridge. It will be made with four lanes. The Prime Minister also laid the foundation stone for the construction of a four-lane bridge at Fulaut on NH-106 Birpur-Bihpur on the Kosi River. The length of this bridge is 28.93 km.

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Road connectivity will be better than Jharkhand

The four-lane road between Rajouli in Jharkhand and Bakhtiyarpur in Patna will be constructed in three packages. Of these, two have received tenders and one is being prepared for DPR. The Ara-Mohania four-lane road is being constructed in two packages. Work is underway to build a new bridge over the Ganges to connect Katihar Manihari in Sahebganj, Jharkhand. Where the bridge falls on the border of Bihar, it is being connected to the east-west corridor of Purnia. This 49 km long Narenpur Purnia Four Lane road will be constructed.

Travel from Patna Ring Road will be easier

Apart from Patna, the foundation stone of Kanhauli-Ramnagar road was laid as part of the Patna Ring Road project through Chapra and Vaishali. Those who do not need to come to Patna in Bihar from the south can go out of the Patna Ring Road. The new bridge from Kanhauli to Ramnagar, Kachi Dargah – Bidupur Chaksikander, Sarai, Gandak and Dighawara-Sherpur six lane road will end at Kanhauli. The total length of the ring road connecting eight NH and six SHS is 137.5 km and the cost is about Rs 15,000 crore. The state government will spend Tk 31 billion for land acquisition in the project.

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A four-lane road from Boxer to the Jharkhand border

Munger-Mirza Chowki tender has been issued. With the construction of this road in four packages, a four-lane road will be constructed from Boxer to the border of Jharkhand. The center has been requested for the middle road from Mokama in the middle. The company has also been set up for Patna-Gaya Dovi.

The Prime Minister laid the foundation stone of these projects

Construction of a new 14.5 km four-lane bridge parallel to the Gandhi Bridge along the Ganges Access Road at NH 19 at a cost of Rs.2926.42 crore.
Four lanes of 49 km Narenpur-Purnia section of NH 131A at a cost of Taka 228 crore
Construction of new 28.93 km long four lane bridge at the entrance of Kosi river on NH 106 from -178788.40 crore
4 Bakh.23 km long Bakhtiyarpur-Rajouli division of NH 31 at a cost of Taka 1199.55 crore Four lane widening work in two packages
Four lane widening work in three packages of Bakhtiyarpur-Rajouli section of NH 31 at a cost of Taka 1199.55 crore
Construction of 4.455 km long new four lane bridge on NH 131B parallel to Vikramshila Bridge at a cost of Taka 1110.23 crore
NH 131G Patna Ring Road Project at a cost of Taka 913.5 Crore for widening of 39 km Ramnagar-Kanhauli Road with six lanes
Widening of four lanes of Pariya-Mohania road of H0.70 km NH30 at a cost of Taka 655.93 crore.
– Four lane widening of 54.53 km long Ara-Paria road of NH30 at a cost of Rs 885.41 crore.

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