Unexpected rains in northern Bihar disrupted road projects

This year, unexpected rains have put a brake on road projects in North Bihar. Work began in the last week of September or the first week of October. This time it is not taking the name of stopping the rain in September. Due to heavy waterlogging in the land everywhere, ground work on the national highway is not expected to start in October.
Trains are stuck in the unfinished NHS for several hours every day. Passengers arriving in different districts of North Bihar are hawks. From Muzaffarpur to Patna or Chapra, there is tension. Trains from Pipra-Motihari to Raxaul are hijacking. It is difficult to go from Chakia of East Champaran to Shibhar-Sitamari and Sursand. It is unthinkable to go from Sursund to Jayanagar through Narhari.
Before the rains, earthworks began quickly on NH 527C from Majauli Chowk in Muzaffarpur to Qatar. After the rain the action came to a standstill. This road will pass through Yajuaar and from the Nepal border to Sitamari, Darbhanga and Madhubani small villages. Due to the severe floods in Katra, Arai and Gaighat blocks of Bagmati, it will be difficult to cut the soil for road construction in the next three months.

Disaster rains when land disputes are resolved

The road from Rajla in Kudhni to Madhaul is incomplete in the Muzaffarpur-Patna forlane debate. Once the land dispute was resolved, the NHAI announced the start of work. Meanwhile, it started to rain. Construction work on the bypass from Madhaul to Chapra in Kanti block has not started. Immediately, the construction of the dilapidated road from Madhaul to Ramdayalunagar was motivated, but two days later the rain broke. Drink a few hours every day. Trains change their route from Gobarsahi Chowk to Dumri and reach Sakrai Saraiya Chowk.

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Work stopped from Shivhar to Sitamari

After many years of waiting and agency changes, when construction work on NH 104 in the Shivhar-Sitamari section began, the rains began. Wherever soil was poured on the Duba Bridge in the middle of Parsuni, no stones were laid. The train is very difficult to move. When it rains, people reach Sitahar from Sitamari via Riga and Basantapatti Piparahi. The diversion at the bridge construction site in Dhankaul was closed for two months. The soil diversion collapsed a week ago.

The Sitamari-Sursand road has repeatedly come to a standstill

Trains are plying on Sitamari-Sursand Road (NH). When the rains stopped, the construction of roads and bridges took two to four days. As soon as it rains, the work stops for ten to fifteen days. Work on the four-lane bridge from Bathnaha to Sursand is incomplete. There are variations in the construction site of the bridge. When it rains, water starts flowing in Gobaria diversion, Kumma diversion and Sutihar diversion and trains stop running.

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Name change

The work of four lanes of Patna-Muzaffarpur is going through an era. An era spans 12 years. When construction of the road began in 2010, it was renamed NH 77. It is now called NH22. Several NHs are under construction in North Bihar, the names of which have been changed, but the work is still unchanged. The lane from Patna-Chapra was renamed NH 102 after construction began. It is now NH722. The paper work is done but this face work is incomplete in Muzaffarpur where it connects to NH and 22. Drink a few hours every day.

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Due to continuous rain, it is difficult to start work in the first week of October. When the rain stops, they start scattering work in the middle. Piling of Dhankol Bridge on NH 104. Krishnacura was near Ghoghani. Then when it started to rain, the work had to stop.
Anil Kumar Singh, Executive Engineer, Sitamari.

This time the rain is not taking the name of stopping. It rains as we prepare to start work. Construction of incomplete four-lane and bypass of Patna-Muzaffarpur will begin as soon as the rains stop.

Chandan Vats, Regional Officer, NHI.

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