The search for vouchers and files at Mushahari CHC was quick, the investigation team did not arrive

Mushari CHC has caused a stir after the delivery incentive scandal was published. On Saturday afternoon a few Alem members continued to search the registrar, files and vouchers. There was a crowd of patients at the OPD in the morning. After his departure in the afternoon, AC and two staff members were seen. Dr. Upendra Chowdhury, Medical Officer-in-Charge, said that files, various registers and vouchers have been compiled since last year to make the investigation team available in a timely manner. Their level is also being investigated. He admits there has been trouble. It was mentioned that it should come out in the investigation on how big the level was. The vouchers from which the fake payment was made are also being searched. Those vouchers were not kept in the proper place by the concerned accountant and he has not come to CHC since Friday.
There was information about the arrival of the investigation team of the health department from Patna, but the team did not arrive till evening. The district level investigation team also did not arrive till evening. The medical officer in charge was sitting in the CHC waiting for the team. At the same time, on Saturday, the discussion of this scandal was very loud at the square corner of the village. The women, whose names have been scandalized, told the district investigation team on Friday that they were much older. Some ten have not delivered for 20 years. Regarding lifting the amount of delivery, the women said they did not raise any such amount. The village is embarrassed to spread its name.

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Fear of fraud from the CSP level

The villagers of Chhota Kothi village said that a voice has been raised in the CSP alleging misuse of Rs 6,000 in Kisan Samman Nidhi and flood assistance. The villagers were investigating it from their level. In this sequence, the issue of the amount of distribution was exposed. In Rohua, Rajwada and Mushahari panchayats, the villagers have expressed the possibility of such fraud from the CSP level. He also demanded that the Kisan Samman Yojana and the amount of flood relief given to the poor be scrutinized.

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