Tejaswi pointed to Nitish and said that there are still

Tejaswi pointed to Nitish and said that there are still allegations of creation scandal

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Opposition leader Tejaswi Prasad Yadav said the double-engine government should explain why Bihar was not given special status. Will Donald Trump come and give it? He said on the occasion of handing over a general resolution letter of the grand alliance to a local hotel that more than 600 scandals had taken place in Bihar in 15 years. The main culprits of the creation scandal are roaming freely. Said we have no experience, so why did we create the Deputy CM. Tejaswi said the JDU-BJP had no vision or issue other than cursing Laluji and Soniaji.

He said that Bihar is not stable with the Chief Minister now. They have reached out to set up industries and provide employment. He said, if our government is formed, food processing unit will be set up. It said 6 million people in 18 districts had been affected by the floods, but the center had not been able to assess their damage. He said the NCRB’s figures showed evidence of rising crime in Bihar.

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The NDA has three alliances: Surjewala

Randeep Surjewala, general secretary of the Congress, said it was a choice between a new direction versus misery and a new fast-paced youth vs. a failed pattern. He said the NDA has three alliances. The first is BJP and JDU, the second is BJP and LJP and the third is BJP and Owaishi. Surjewala said the JDU-BJP had hit Bihar in the back. Bihar is Khudar. First he formed a government by deception and then he formed the government through creation. Said that DNA does not mean energy in you. He said that BJP and now in the country Nitishji had abolished APMC in Bihar in 2006. When all the mandis are closed, the Prime Minister will pay the minimum crop price to the farmers. Shakti Singh Gohil, in-charge of Bihar Congress, state president Dr Madan Mohan Jha, MP Dr Akhilesh Prasad Singh were present on the occasion.

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Take care of the poor and women

Shashi Yadav of Mal said that if the grand alliance is formed, the poor in other cities including Patna will not be allowed to perish. He said that women would be protected so that no more child scams would take place in Bihar. Rambabu Kumar of the CPI said that in 2015, the people will teach a lesson to those who steal the base of the mass base. CPI-M’s Arun Mishra said changes would be seen if a government is formed.


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