Sushant Singh's case will return to Bihar's SIT Mumbai along with the CBI

The SIT's path from Mumbai has become almost clear after the CBI's order to probe the death of Sushant Singh Rajput.

The SIT’s path from Mumbai has become almost clear after the CBI’s order to probe the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. IG Range Sanjay Singh has made it clear that the SIT will return to Patna from Mumbai in two days. The SIT has so far been asked to keep a file of all the documents related to the investigation and the statement. If the court or the CBI is asked, these documents will be handed over as per the rules.

SP City in Mumbai has to be different
BMC officer Patna IG Sanjay Singh has replied to a letter to Patna SP City Binoy Tiwari regarding segregation. BMC assistant commissioner P Velarasu said in a letter to the IG that the city SP had to abide by the Maharashtra government’s rules.
He writes that corona infection is widespread in Bihar. In such cases, if the SP also has symptoms of corona, the disease can be spread to other officers through them. So, they should have a meeting with Maharashtra government officials through various apps. After receiving this letter, now Patna police is also in cross mood. Range IG Sanjay Singh said he would again speak to officials there from his level.

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Rule three, make two separate
On August 3, a new rule was hastily framed when the SP city of Mumbai began to be embarrassed by the Maharashtra government over segregation. As per the rules, any officer coming to Maharashtra from outside has to be kept separate. The question is whether Binoy Tiwari went to Maharashtra before the law came into force. Despite this they were quarantined. It is alleged that this was done intentionally to prevent officers from leaving.

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Take a look at the letter
Regarding the above letter, the Municipal Commissioner urged MGCM to release IPS Binoy Kumar Tiwari of Bihar cadre from Home Quarantine. In view of the corona virus infection in Bihar, it is suggested that officials from Zoom, Google Meat, Geo Meat, Microsoft Team or any other digital platform do their work with Maharashtra government officials. By doing this, there will be no chance of others being attacked by the officer. Also, the officials will not come in contact with the Maharashtra government officials and there will be no possibility of them being infected. The officer has to abide by the rules given by the Maharashtra government.

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