Khaki has often been accused of filing high-profile cases, rescuing criminals, not arresting them, sending innocent people to jail, extorting money from accused and releasing traffickers and mafias. The Mumbai police could not remain silent on the death of Bihar’s Lal and Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput.

Mumbai police have filed a case against Sushant’s girlfriend actress Riya Chakraborty and her family members at the Rajivnagar police station on charges of negligence, proper investigation and rescue of the culprits. , Which is not easy to find spotless.

The SIT is trying to gather evidence
After filing the case, the SIT from Patna to Mumbai is trying hard to gather evidence against the accused. IG Range Sanjay Singh said that since July 25, SIT has taken important information from five people including Sushant’s sister Mitu Singh, his friend Mukesh Sethi, cook, guard. In this episode, SIT has already started recording Sushant’s accounts from Mahindra Kotak Bank. For proof, SIT Electronics is trying to get the voter record i.e. CDR, autopsy report, video footage, video recording of spot death.


Family members have complained
In this whole episode Mumbai Police neglected from the initial stage, not recorded: Sushant’s father
– No confidence in Mumbai police, so did not record statement before Mumbai police: Sushant’s sister Mitu
Since his death, Mumbai police have been wreaking havoc in the name of investigation: Sushant’s uncle Dev Kishore Singh
Mumbai police not cooperating with Patna police SIT for investigation: Bihar police

Friends and bodyguards can be key witnesses
According to sources, his friend Mukesh Sethi has also played an important role in Sushant’s life. Patna SIT had four intense talks with him four times for about three hours. Not only that, Sushant’s bodyguard also broke the silence. Along with the police, he also gave a statement to the media that Sushant could not commit suicide. Their expenses were extremely low. In such a scenario, the SIT is expected to use Sushant’s friend Mukesh Sethi and his bodyguard as key witnesses in the case. The SIT may interrogate their accused and give them notice below 161 years of age.

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The SIT is investigating after taking the drug
While the Mumbai police is unaware of the case, the Patna SIT is sweating day and night in the investigation. Police sources said Mumbai Water did not shoot the SIT. Due to this, the condition of two inspectors M Bharatiya and another person involved in the team became cold and viral. He was shown to the doctors. Nevertheless, both the inspectors are not leaving any stone unturned in performing the duties of the senior officers without considering their health.



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