Preparations for Chhat Pujo begin, Patna Municipality withdraws tenders for 95 ghats

The Municipal Corporation has started preparations for Chhath Puja from its level.

The Municipal Corporation has started preparations for Chhath Puja from its level. Tenders have been drawn for 95 ghats falling in the corporation area. After the completion of the tender process, the construction work of Chhat Ghat will be started. If a situation like Corona still prevails in November, then according to the situation, it will be decided to worship Chhath with social distance. If the corona epidemic is controlled, roof worship will be performed in the same general environment as the previous year.


There are still two months left in roof worship. Roof worship in the third week of November. With the Corona epidemic in mind, the corporation administration has already begun preparations. Tenders will be issued soon to repair the ghats that have access to the ghats so that the British do not face any problem. Like last year, this year also the district administration and the municipal corporation will provide this facility to the sixth person. Safe and dangerous ghats will be identified if the water level of the Ganges is normal. Earlier, agencies would be selected through tender for construction of each ghat.

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The corporation will provide more improved facilities at Chhat Ghat

Adequate lighting is to be provided at each wharf. Barricading in the Ganges to protect the British. Provision of urine and drinking water for women and men. Cleaning the ghats and changing the rooms. Arranging lighting from access road to ghats. Bleaching powder is to be sprayed on the wharf. Construction work of watch tower, control room etc. will be done. At the same time, very soon the Municipal Commissioner will hold a review meeting on the preparation of Chhath Puja at the corporation level. Also, the situation arising from coronary infection will be monitored.

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The number of Chhath Ghat comes in the shares of the corporation. The ghat has a tender for making roof puja. As per the situation, the strategy will be formulated accordingly in November. The tender for providing minimum facilities has been withdrawn from cleaning the ghats.
-Himanshu Sharma, Municipal Commissioner, Municipal Corporation

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