Pegasus phone tapping case: Nitish Kumar said – all this is not a good thing, there are disadvantages of new technology …

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has given a statement in the phone tapping case.

Pegasus Phone Tapping Case: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has given a statement in the phone tapping case. Nitish Kumar said in response to the question that all this is not a good thing. According to me, disturbing someone like this is not a good thing, it is absolutely useless. On the question of the uproar in Parliament regarding phone tapping, the Chief Minister said that we have been saying from the very beginning that the advantages and disadvantages of this new technology should also be considered. Let us tell you that there have been media reports about the phone taping of many journalists, judges, and politicians of the country. Congress is attacking the central government regarding this.Also Read – 16 people died in a single village in Bihar, suspected of dying from drinking spurious liquor

Along with this, Nitish Kumar said many things to the long-running farmers’ movement. Nitish Kumar said that the agriculture policy is not against anyone. He, however, also said that a solution should be found through talks. Talking to reporters after attending the ‘Janata Darbar’ in Patna, he said that the farmers’ movement is a matter of some states. Also Read – Bihar News: Death toll from spurious liquor rises to 16 in Bihar, 5 people in custody

Responding to a question asked by journalists, the Chief Minister said, “It is a matter of some states. In some areas there is opposition to the new agriculture policy. Everyone has the right to have their say. The central government has held talks many times. Keep talking further. The agriculture policy of the central government is not against anyone, but people of many areas have different feelings about it, so it should be resolved after re-negotiating. The Chief Minister also said that it is not right to agitate continuously in the era of Corona. Also Read – 82 Teeth: A strange case in Bihar, 82 teeth removed from Nitish Kumar’s jaw

Responding to a question regarding reducing the tax to reduce the rising prices of petroleum products, the Chief Minister said, “We have not looked into it yet, the rate is increasing, but what you are suggesting, then take a look at it.” Consultation can be done. We will first talk to each other, after that what is its path, how people can get relief, we will look into it.


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