Patna Three people including a bouncer have been arrested in

Patna: Three people, including a bouncer, have been arrested in a case of breaking a soldier’s arm

A young man named Rohit and Rohit, along with two bouncers Ashish and Sanjay, have been arrested for allegedly assaulting Constable Rakesh Kumar and assaulting him with a rod after a patient died at a private hospital in the capital’s Kankarbagh.

According to SHO Ajay Kumar, all the three have been sent to jail. There are many on the radar of hospital management at the moment. Police are investigating who was involved in the attack on behalf of the hospital on the day of the incident. The patient’s family members had filed a case against the hospital management in this regard. At the same time the police have placed an FIR against the hospital in his statement. The two bouncers who were caught worked in the same place. In this case, the intense heat of the investigation has also reached the people sitting at the top in the management of the hospital. The police may also take a warrant in this case soon.

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At a glance of the whole episode

It may be recalled that on October 15, Bharati Kumari, brother-in-law of police line constable Rakesh Kumar, was found dead in the ICU of the hospital. Family members have complained that Bharati was admitted here on the charge of low BP. After that, the family was not allowed to visit them. When the family somehow reached the ICU on Thursday, Bharati was found dead there. It was alleged that the woman had died two days ago but she was being treated in the ICU of the hospital for money laundering. After that the family members got angry. The hospital administration beat him. When the soldier went to the police station to lodge a complaint, some people came and beat him up from the hospital. After that, the police came to the spot and carried out a raid and took many people of the hospital management into custody. Another bouncer and two others were arrested.

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