Patna helicopter crash CCTV to reveal secrets sword of action

Patna helicopter crash: CCTV to reveal secrets, sword of action against those responsible

Helicopters fly daily from Patna airport during election rallies. Many officers have been deployed to watch the VVIP movement. In addition to airport officials, state government and district administration officials are also constantly monitoring state hangars. In such a situation, the incident of hitting the wire drawn in the premises of the Union Minister’s helicopter came as a surprise.

According to eyewitnesses, when the rotor blade of the helicopter collided with the barbed wire, a loud noise and spark also came out of it. The matter could have been bigger if it had not been controlled at the scene. It is learned that the accident took place while the helicopter was landing at the state hangar. In that case, it is coming to light that there is a sheet of fiber in some places in the helicopter hangar in the state hangar. Barbed wire has been placed on it. At the time of landing, the pilot did not know how long the wire was wrapped so as not to hit the blade.

Now many questions will be answered. The first question raised in the case is why the places in the air side area that were running in any way were hanging in this place. The second question is, if this wire had not been in the wind-side area, how could the pilot have acted so negligently that the helicopter’s rotor blade had hit these wires. There is also the question of when the wings of the helicopter are being moved to where the planes were parked.

CCTV will reveal the secret, who missed it

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Aviation has become a big challenge in the midst of construction work at the airport. A CCTV investigation has been launched after Saturday’s incident. If the airport administration does not learn too much from this incident, then in the coming days, when construction work will increase and they will reach a height, the inconvenience during aviation in small premises will be further increased. The investigation into the case continued till last evening. After the incident, the sword of action has started hanging in charge.


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