Parents refuse to send children to school, directors keep schools closed despite government order

Corona fears that parents are not ready to send their children to school despite government directives. The government was allowed to open the school through Coroner Rescue Guidelines. The school administration sought feedback from the parents. 95% of parents in most schools refuse to send their children to school. Now the administrators of this school have decided to close their school for the time being.

Includes many schools, including Notre Dame and St. Michael’s

Speaking of Notre Dame Academy, the school conducted a survey among parents. In it, the Notre Dame administration decided to close the school after 966 percent of parents refused to send their children. Speaking of St. Michael’s High School, the schools will not open from September 28th. Feedback from parents suggests that 95% of schools will be closed. Many more schools have this condition.

Five to ten percent will be present

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The schools that have decided to open from 26th September. Five to ten percent students will be present there. Because most parents have decided not to send their children to school. Father Jastratu, principal of St. Xavier’s High School, said very few parents let the child go to school.

The school will be closed due to bogie exams

The departmental examination is going on till September 29 in CBSE school. After that, the bogie test will be evaluated. DAV BSEB principal VS Ojha said most of the teachers in the school were being evaluated. In such a situation it would not be possible to open a school for Duchess classes. Schools will remain open only after the assessment.

There will be activities in many schools for assembly elections

Many government schools will not be open from September 28 due to the Assembly elections, as these schools will have election activities. Meena Kumari, principal of Bankipur Girls’ High School, said that with the announcement of the election date, the election activities in the school have started. The whole school is busy selecting the campus. Girls cannot be called in such situations. At the same time many election related training activities will be conducted on Patna High School campus. For this reason, students will not be called here from September 26. At the same time many government schools are being sanitized. These are schools where there will be no activity related to assembly elections.

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