Pappu Yadav's announcement: If our government is formed, no tax will be levied on businessmen

Pappu Yadav’s announcement: If our government is formed, no tax will be levied on businessmen


Apart from campaigning for the Bihar Assembly elections, there is also a period of promises and announcements. In this episode, Jan Adhikar Party chief Pappu Yadav has announced that income tax will not be levied on businessmen if his government is formed. He made the announcement with the aim of promoting the industry in the state. Pampu Yadav made the announcement while addressing a rally with Bhim Sena chief Ch andrasekhar at Bhabhua in Kaimur district.


Pappu Yadav has formed an alliance with Chandrasekhar’s party for the 2020 Bihar Assembly elections. Addressing an election rally in Bhubaneswar, Pappu Yadav said that whenever there was a problem in Bihar, I was there to help the people. Referring to last year’s Patna floods, Yadav said that at that time Sushil Modi had fled with his family in shorts but I was among the people. Not just floods, corona, hay fever or any other problem, I have always helped the people of Bihar.


Pappu Yadav also targeted Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He said that girls were sexually abused in Nitish Raj’s Mozaffarpur Shelter Home. However, no drastic action has been taken so far. Yadav said the Modi government at the Center was working towards stopping reservations in the country. Nitish Kumar is also part of the same alliance. Pappu Yadav said that this time the people of Bihar will count Nitish Kumar’s 15 years.

The president of the Jan Odhikar Party said that he had given an affidavit to the court for the Bihar elections. If you do not keep those promises within three years, I will not come among you. Pappu Yadav said that if my government is formed, there will be perpetrators of crimes against women or I will be. He also promised to make Bihar number one.

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