Nitish noticed Lalu Rabri people were scared of husband and wife

Nitish noticed Lalu-Rabri, people were scared of husband and wife government, now there is genocide somewhere, not kidnapping

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Saturday reminded of the husband-wife rule. Said criminals are scared today, even though people used to be scared. Now there is no more genocide or kidnapping. People are investing fearlessly. Bihar ranks 23rd in terms of crime.

Speaking at meetings in support of NDA candidates in Nabinagar, Rajpur, Karghar and Dinara, the chief minister said businessmen and doc tors felt insecure about the couple’s government. They had to run elsewhere. Having trouble doing his job. Some people used to collect goods. Many of these people came back when my government came to power, which I honored in Patna. He also warned the people that the same thing would happen if voting went wrong.

He said that to some people their family is everything. However, to me the whole Bihar family. Work has been done in the first five years, more work in the second five years and more work in the next five years. There is much more to do. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. They make some statements without any reason.

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He said many institutions including Engineering, Polytechnic, GNM, Women’s ITI, ANM have been opened to take the youth further. Earlier, students from Bihar had to study outside. However, in Bihar they are being given all kinds of facilities. Skills training under Student Credit Card for Education and Skilled Youth Program for Income. Now the youth will be trained in every new technology. This will increase their business and income.

In each case, they have seized it, despite obstacles we can scarcely imagine. ”

Speaking at a meeting at Anugraha Narayan Stadium in Nabinagar, the Chief Minister said that if the opportunity arises again, Rs 25,550,000 will be given to inter-pass students and Rs 50,000 to graduate girls. Every field has developed with justice. From government service to representation of the people, 50 per cent of women have been given reservation. In the government 15 years ago, there was a complete lack of female police in the Bihar police. Where there are female police present from village to town. It is said that at present the income of Bihar is 4 lakh 14 thousand 97777 crore rupees per annum, whereas the income of the previous government was only 76 76 thousand 4 466 crore rupees. He appealed to the people to vote for the NDA alliance to create a prosperous and safe Bihar. JDU Executive State President Ashok Chowdhury and other leaders and activists and candidates were present on the occasion.

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