Nabinagar Assembly constituency: The winners of this constituency have become Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister

Nabinagar Assembly constituency: The winners of this constituency have become Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister

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In politics, Aurangabad is known as the land of grace Narayan Singh. After independence, Anugraha Narayan Singh won the election from Nabinagar assembly constituency in the district and became the first Deputy Chief Minister and Finance Minister of Bihar.

The Indian National Congress has been in the region for a long time. Although Anugraha Babu won twice from here, he died in 1955 and became the Deodhari Ram MLA of the Indian National Congress in the by-elections. After him, Satyendra Narayan Sinha, son of Anugraha Narayan Singh, made his debut in Nabinagar politics and in 1962 and 1967 he was elected MLA from the Indian National Congress Party. He was also the Chief Minister and Education Minister of Bihar.

In 1971, Mahabir Prasad Akela of the CPI (M) demolished the Congress stronghold and became a MLA. In 1972 and 1977, Duet Singh was elected MLA for the region. In 1960, Raghuvansh Prasad Singh became a MLA on the ticket of the Indian National Congress. Has preserved this legacy while working three times in a row. Birendra Kumar Singh was elected MLA from Janata Dal in 1995. Lovely Anand of the Bihar People’s Party became the MLA here after Birendra Singh was elected MP in 1999. Bhim Kumar Yadav of RJD in 2000, Vijay Kumar Singh of LJP in 2005 and Birendra Kumar Singh of JDU became MLAs of Nabinagar in 2010. At present, many people from different political parties are busy getting tickets from this seat.

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The number of Rajput voters is high

It is also known as Chittorgarh due to the large number of Rajput voters in the region. Anand Mohan’s wife Lovely Anand has also won the election from here. Now the situation in this seat is changing faster than before. The construction of two large power plants by NTPC has transformed it into a national flag.

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It is a matter of balancing the new sub-division

The issue of subdivision of Navinar is pending. Irrigation is also a big problem in this region. Most areas are unused and canals have remained unfinished for decades. Its southern part is affected by extremism, where development work is also being affected.

The main demand of the people here is to supply water to Nabinagar by constructing power grid and timely supply of water to the farmers in Nabinagar North Koel canal.

Who won when from Nabinagar assembly constituency

1952 Grace Narayan Singh Congress
1957 Devdhari Ram Congress
1962 Satyendra Narayan Sinha Congress
1967 Satyendra Narayan Sinha Socialist
1969 Mahabir Prasad Loan CPI
1972 Duet Singh National Congress (s)
1977 Couple Singh JNP
1980 Raghuvansh Prasad Singh Congress
1985 Raghuvansh Prasad Singh Congress
1990 Raghuvansh Prasad Singh Congress
1995 Birendra Kumar Singh Janata Dal
1997 Lovely Anand Bipipa
2000 Bhim Kumar Yadav RJD
2005 Vijay Kumar Singh LJP
2010 Birendra Kumar Singh JDU
2015 Virendra Kumar Singh JDU

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Nabinagar Assembly
Anugraha Narayan Singh became the first Deputy Chief Minister and Finance Minister of Bihar

Total voters 205137
112205 Male
92932 female
Total polling stations in Vis area – 396



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