Maithili Tagore responded to Neha’s words in Bihar, said in Bihar

Maithili Tagore responded to Neha’s words in Bihar, said in Bihar


In the style of Bihari actor Manoj Vajpayee’s Kaaba in Mumbai, Neha Singh Rathore’s singing in Bihar has become very popular. Neha’s song was picked up by the opposition and spread on social media in an electoral environment. Now Neha’s song has been answered by Maithili Thakur of Bihar by Maithili in Bihar.

Maithili Tagore shared a video on social media mentioning Mithila and the changed Bihar. He has tried to convey through the song that Mithila has everything. He said there is a Darbhanga airport in Mithila, where AIIMS is also being built.

According to Maithili Thakur, each village has a road and 24-hour electricity. Maithili Tagore has said in the song that the school that is running in the hut is now in a pucca room. Maithili Thakur has also accused Neha Singh Rathore of confusing gestures through songs.


Neha advised Rathore

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Folk singer Neha Singh Rathore has given her reaction in the video of Maithili Tagore. He advised Maithili not to compromise in the interest of the people. Neha tweeted, “Folk artists should not compromise on people’s interests.” Some people have come down in support of Maithili on social media, some have opposed them.


The JDU leader supported Maithili

Janata Dal United leader and Bihar government minister Sanjay Jha has shared a video of Maithili Tagore, which is not in Mithila. Mithila has it all. Come and see what happens here. Listen to the voice of Maithili Thakur.

Opponents asked the government – about Bihar

Earlier, the opposition had targeted the NDA government and asked questions in Bihar. In response, the BJP released the video saying that in Bihar. In fact, Neha Singh Rathore composed a rap song ‘Bihar Meng Ka Ba’ in the style of Manoj Vajpayee’s Mumbai Ka Ka Baba. In this he strengthened the state system. At the same time, the opposition put up posters against the government in Bihar based on the song and questioned what had happened in the state. In response, on October 13, BJP leader Bhupendra Yadav released a video, ‘What is the count of’ ka ka ba ‘in’ Bihar ‘? Now see for yourself in Bihar.

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