JDU, song and video released in select mode, Nitish G’s dream Bihar Tu Banav Ho Ho …

The ruling party JDU is in full electoral mode. The party on Tuesday launched a song as part of its campaign for the Bihar Assembly elections 2020. The two-minute 51-second song, published in Bhojpuri on JDU’s Facebook and Twitter pages, is titled Rising Bihar. Thousands of people watched, shared and responded to the song in just four hours.

The lines of the song are as follows – step by step growth, become the song village of development, let Nitish Zia’s dream be, Bihar become you. Launched to the tune of the promotional song, the song has been launched along with the video. The video also shows the development of the state in 15 years.


Captions are heavily layered with views. For example – New Bihar, Nitish Everyone, Emerging Bihar, Prosperous Future, Glorious Bihar, Dreamy Leadership, Bihar Our Pride, New Path of Hope. At the very beginning of the song, a very beautiful fullness has arrived and it reveals the lines below Nitish Kumar’s picture – the people’s expectations. The government employee then comes two lines from Nitish Kumar’s speech – ‘People now say with Shan that we are from Bihar. We are Biharis.

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Along with this song, the team has also released many new slogans on JD’s Facebook wall. Three of these slogans especially the team has introduced at the moment. “Only he will choose who to test.” ‘Nitish belongs to all’, and along with Nitish Kumar’s big cutout, JDU has also given this slogan – ‘Mewa na seba sarkar, our family is the whole of Bihar’. JDU national secretary Rabindra Prasad Singh said the songs and slogans were getting a good response from the general public and workers. The creative team is engaged in creating more slogans.

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Nitish Kumar has fulfilled every promise made to Biharis: JDU

State JD (U) chief spokesperson Sanjay Singh said Nitish Kumar ruled Bihar in such a way that a plant was watered and turned into a huge tree. That is why today Bihar is moving from a developing to a developed state.

A JDU spokesperson said in a statement that Nitish Kumar had fulfilled all the promises he had made to the people of Bihar. A number of important decisions have been made to implement these decisions. They have been ruling Bihar for 15 years, because they do what they say. Tejaswi Yadav ji, Nitish Kumar is the appointed man and to this day they have not shrunk an inch from the decision they have taken. When it comes to minorities, dalits, backward classes, ultimately backwardness, Nitish Kumar is at the forefront of protecting and respecting him. It is a matter of honor for Dasaratha Manji or Jitan Ram Majhi.

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