In the manifesto of the grand alliance Modi said

In the manifesto of the grand alliance, Modi said – I am talking about occupying the farmers for life

On Saturday morning, the Jatiya Janata Dal, the Congress and the Left parties released their manifestos for the Bihar Assembly elections 2020. Investigating the grand alliance’s manifesto, Bihar Deputy Chief Minister and BJP leader Sushil Modi said that the land grabbers are now talking about farmers for life. These people can do nothing but declare.

Speaking to reporters, Modi said, “In the manifesto issued by the grand alliance today, the parties that have been occupying the land all their lives are talking to the farmers today. , They can’t pay anything. ‘

Explain that the Grand Alliance has issued a general proclamation in the name of the promise of change. The manifesto outlines the priorities set for Bihar after the formation of the RJD and the Congress and the Left. Tejaswi Yadav said that today is a good day, the beginning of Navratri, Kalash has been established. Resolution is taken on the day of establishment of welfare. We are issuing ‘Pran Hamara, Resolution Change’.

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Highlights of the resolution letter

– Employment of one million youths in the first cabinet

– Fee for application form to be filled for examination has been waived

– The government will pay the fare to go to the test centers

– We promise to stop the transfer

– Karpuri will open a labor support center, it will help people

– Fulfill the promise of equal work for teachers

– Promise to double the respect of living sisters

In the first assembly session, the farmers of Bihar were promised emancipation due to the impact of three bills related to agriculture at the Center.


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