Hunger in Patna The father was throwing the girl into

Hunger in Patna! The father was throwing the girl into the Ganges after the innocent boy, people saved their lives

An angry father tried to kill his innocent son and daughter by not getting into an argument and not reading the newspaper. The father threw his first son into the Ganges at Ghat No. 63 in Digha police station area. After that, as the girl was preparing to leave, the people present grabbed her and saved the lives of both the innocents.

It is learned that Digha police reached the spot and brought Shatrughan Pandey and his two children from Laxmi Nagar to the police station. Station in-charge Manoj Kumar Singh said Shatrughanan reprimanded and filled the bond. Police have warned that strict action will be taken if such a mistake is made again.

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Everyone is cursing the cruel father

Thander Manoj said that Shatrughana had strictly instructed his seven-year-old son to read the newspaper every day and hold punitive meetings 25 times. On Saturday, the child did not read the newspaper or hold a penal meeting. When my father returned home after working overnight, he lied when asked. After a while here, Shatrughan finds out that his son has lied. In this rage he beat the boy mercilessly. He then took his and his one-and-a-half-year-old daughter on a bike to the Ganges. As soon as they heard the news of this incident, everyone started cursing the father who took this step.

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