Hindustan Exclusive Papa inspired me to fight alone Chirag

Hindustan Exclusive: Papa inspired me to fight alone – Chirag Paswan

Papa (Ram Vilas Paswan) wanted me to compete alone. He used to talk a lot about politics while in hospital. He told me, ‘Why are you nervous about fighting elections alone? Be the carrier of change in the development of Bihar and Biharis. You are young, have a long political life ahead. The lion broke into the forest alone. I myself competed alone in 2005 and did well. LJP national president Kam MP Chirag Paswan said this in a special talk with India. He said Papa went on a ventilator on Sept. 20. Two days ago, he told me that if Nitish Kumar becomes the Chief Minister again because of you, then you cannot forgive yourself. Then I decided to go to the polls alone. Here is the main part of the conversation with Brajesh, Special Correspondent of Hindustan: –

Q: If Nitish Kumar has avoided, then why contest the 2019 Lok Sabha elections with him?
At that time there was a situation where we had to contest the Lok Sabha elections with the JDU. Overnight, Nitish Kumar rejoined the NDA. The Lok Sabha elections are to be held a year later. There was not much time left. We had to fight together with the JDU even if we didn’t want to.

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Q: If we call ourselves the Hanuman of the Prime Minister, why are you on the field against the NDA?
Yes, I am Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Hanuman. When the time comes, I will show it to Sina too. I have contested against the JDU but not against the BJP. I have also appealed to my staff to make BJP candidates winners. The Prime Minister used to call and talk to me every day while my father was in the hospital. He would take complete information after talking to the doctors.

Q: LJP is talking about BJP leader voters, what can I say about this?

Sorry to hear that. It is a good thing that BJP leaders follow their alliance religion. Resist the LJP, I have no objection, however, they should not use such words.

Q: What should you say about 15 years of development?
It is not that there has been no development in the last 15 years. However, much less has been done than should have been developed. I have never heard people from other states say they want to come to Bihar for studies or jobs. After all, students from Bihar will go to Kota to study. No work has been done to strengthen the education system here.

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Q: What is your vision for development?
Strengthening infrastructure in Bihar. More needs to be done, especially in the areas of education and health. So that the youth here can get better education in their own state. The health system should be such that one does not have to go to another state for treatment. At the same time, the revenue of the state has to be increased so that the infrastructure can be further strengthened.

Q: Do you want to elect with the help of the rebels?
Whoever is with LJP’s resolution ‘Bihar First Bihari First’, we have been given a ticket. It’s not about the rebels. Of ideals.

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Q: If we have seats in the NDA, will we fight together?
My fight was not for seats. We did not have to go with Nitish Kumar. This is why we decided to go it alone. Earlier I had wanted to talk to the Chief Minister several times about the development of Bihar, but he never spoke. I also wrote several letters, but got no response from anyone.

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Q: Do you reject Amit Shah’s demand for development in Bihar?
BJP leaders are following their alliance religion. Besides, there is regular pressure on Chief Minister Nitish Kumar to speak on his behalf. They are also under pressure to speak out against the LJP.


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