CM Nitish said, the whole of Bihar is my family, tough on the opposition – husband, wife and son for them

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has said that for me the whole of Bihar is a family. Everyone is a family member. At the same time insulting opponents, that for some people sons, daughters and wives are family and only their worries remain. Said I have no personal desire. Serving the public is my religion. They have been engaged in their service ever since the public was given the opportunity. If given one more opportunity, we will do more service.

At a press conference at the JDU office on Friday after the announcement of the Assembly elections, the Chief Minister welcomed the announcement of the elections and said that the election campaign would be run after following the social distance. There will be a meeting, but the provisions of the Corona must be complied with. There will be a meeting during the day, then in the evening, people will communicate via video conferencing. It further said that some parties had demanded not to hold elections on Corona, but the whole matter would have to be decided by the Election Commission. In the end the commission decided to elect. We understand that all parties will take part in the election.

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Upendra Kushwaha is not aware

Asked by reporters whether Upendra Kushwaha was also going to be part of the NDA, he said, “I don’t know about him.” Yes, Jitan Ram Majhi moved away from the grand alliance and became part of the NDA.

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Distribution of seats in the NDA soon

The Chief Minister further said that no decision has been taken on seat sharing in the NDA. It will be done soon. Now we do not have much time in the three-point election. We have to do all the work in a short time.

Chirag did not say anything about the question

Despite repeated questions about LJP president Chirag Paswan, the chief minister did not say anything openly. Journalists further questioned that Manji has come to the NDA, so the LJP is no longer needed. The Chief Minister said, there is no such thing.

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What you said is over

The Chief Minister said that what we said before or during the election was over. In 2015, seven decisions were made. Later we changed our alliance, but we fulfilled all seven decisions. There is no work left. Some parts remain, which will be completed by October 2020. In 15 years, each field worked for education, health, roads, bridges, electricity, etc. Developed for all regions. The public owns forward.

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We fight for everyone

The Chief Minister said that we are fighting for where we are, who we are for. We also respect the opposition. No matter what we say, we do our job. Some people have a habit of talking, let them talk.


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