Chirag Paswan said there is no problem with criticism

Chirag Paswan said – there is no problem with criticism, but the BJP used the right words

Lok Janshakti Party chief Chirag Paswan has said that BJP leader even Prime Minister Narendra Modi can speak against me to appease Nitish Kumar. He, however, advised the leaders to use the right words. Chirag made the remarks after a statement by BJP leader and Home Minister Amit Shah. Amit Shah Chirag’s statement on ‘Modi’s Hanuman’ said that the LJP president should not be confused.

Speaking to ANI, Chirag Paswan said that Nitish Kumar wasted most of his time by showing the same thing that there is division between BJP and LJP, they are divided. The Chief Minister has taken to the field all the big leaders of the BJP to speak against me. I just want to say that they can all speak out against me. Chirag further said that if the Prime Minister wants to speak against me to please Nitish Kumar, he can speak.

The LJP president further said that Nitish Kumar should thank the BJP that they are practicing alliance religion despite so much public anger against the chief minister. Chirag tweeted, “BJP colleagues should thank Nitish Kumar Jit for his alliance with the Chief Minister despite so much annoyance against him and give Nitish Kumar Jit a certificate every day that he is not with Chirag.” ‘

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Chirag once again mentioned meeting Prime Minister Modi at a difficult time and thanked him. It further said that he was the one who inspired to bring the visual document ‘Bihar First and Bihari First’.

He said, ‘Prime Minister Modi is in my heart. The Prime Minister was with me when my father was in the ICU and I was alone. He gave my father so much respect. Should I forget all this? He gave me affection like a son. This is my personal belief like religion.

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Criticizing Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, Chirag Paswan said he rejected anti-youth and young leaders. They have stopped thinking about policy. Chirag said that he himself started his political life as a youth activist of the JP movement but dismissed the youth as inexperienced. The LJP president said that we also know the issues and can think about the welfare of Bihar. The people of the state have already given them 15 years.


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