Chirag Paswan said I think Prime Minister Modis Hanuman BJP

Chirag Paswan said, “I think Prime Minister Modi’s Hanuman, BJP and LJP will form the government in Bihar after November 10.”

LJP national president Chirag Paswan said that I am the Hanuman of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The Prime Minister always remembers me. Speaking to media on Friday, he said that I was with the BJP before, I am still there and I will stay ahead. The BJP and the LJP will form the government in Bihar after November 10, it is our determination. It may be mentioned that Chirag Paswan has been speaking incessantly against NDA coordinator Nitish Kumar. At the same time, he is talking about staying with the Prime Minister and the BJP.

On the other hand, Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi has hit out at the LJP. Saying that one party has not won even a single seat, they are demanding the formation of a government in Bihar. The reality is that in Bihar it is just a one-vote vote.

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Speaking to reporters at Patna airport ahead of the election campaign, the deputy chief minister termed LJP leader Chirag Paswan’s claim as false and baseless, citing a telephone conversation with Amit Shah. He said there was no discussion between LJP leader Chirag Paswan and Amit Shah about the election. The truth is there was a dispute over the number of seats. The LJP demanded far more seats than the BJP is giving. Because of this the talks broke down and the LJP decided to separate itself from the NDA. The party that cannot win a single seat in Bihar is spreading confusion by demanding the formation of a government.

The Deputy Chief Minister said that the LJP leader had said that he would not allow Nitish Kumar to be the Chief Minister of Bihar. This simply means that he does not want to allow the BJP government in Bihar to protest against the decision of PM Modi and Amit Shah. After all, what kind of politics is it that praises Modi on the one hand and opposes Modi-backed Nitish Kumar on the other. Saf said the LJP’s only objective was not to form an NDA government in Bihar.

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