Bihar women education workers to get 2 weeks maternity leave, men to get 15 days paternity leave

Women education workers working under the Mahadalit, Dalit and Minority Extremely Backward Classes run by the Bihar government will also get 226 weeks maternity leave. In addition, male education staff (picked up staff) will receive 15 days of paternity leave for two children.

The Department of Education has implemented many facilities for the education workers working under this literacy project. Kumar Ramanuja, director of public education, issued an order on matters relating to the service of education workers in the light of the proposal made by the general administration on the recommendation of a high-level committee constituted for contract workers.

Accordingly, the first hired servants who are now known as education servants (including Talimi Markaz), their working hours have also been fixed. The department had already set the terms of service for them. There are about 30,000 teaching posts in the state at present. Now they will work from eight in the morning to three in the afternoon. In case of working days six days a week, 16 days casual leave in a year will be payable. In one year, 16 days of paid leave will be payable and a maximum of 60 days of leave can be collected.

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Up to two children up to 15 days leave for male education staff

Maternity leave benefits provided under the Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Act 2017 will be available to all female education workers who have worked for 80 days in the last 12 months. On the 26-week maternity leave they received, the first 8 weeks before the date of delivery were estimated, and the remaining 18 weeks were estimated after the baby was born. This will only be valid for up to two children. Male education workers will be allowed up to two children on 15 days of paternity leave. In addition, prior paid leave and other benefits to education staff will follow the guidelines.

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